Curring in Wine cooler

Hey guy’s,
Question for the forum, I have been thinking about a way to reach optimal temps and humidity for curring my bud and I thought about a wine cooler. Nowhere in my house is between 60 - 65 deg which is ideal and I know a lot of wine coolers can be set at this temperature to provide a cellar type environment. I looked online and the question has been asked but never answered and I wanted to see what you guys thought. A climate control wine cooler is affordable and in theory seems like a good idea to me but I don’t want to take the chance on my harvest without consulting with my cannabis community. I would store my bud in Mason jars then load up the cooler for curring. Let me know what you guys think.



I looked into that and it is an excellent option except for the COST. I found a second hand dorm fridge (those little ones like in hotel rooms, etc). The temp set easily so it registers 60-65 degrees. I put my 5v pc fan (wires are skinny enough to place across the door and still close). The rh is also really good at around 50-55F. If it ices (some have a little freezer and that will cause Rh issues), you have to add silica gel paks (desiccants). Rice bags will do
but it NEEDS THE AIR CIRCULATION. Wine coolers were just too$$$$…like they jacked the price just becasue it is for wine but it is a fridge. Was doesn’t work are GLASS DOORS…gotaa blackout

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Yea, I found a used one for $40 that’s why I was curious. I think I’m going to try it. If I blackout the front glass I should be good since the buds will be in jars right?

you do not jar the buds to dry, they have to be exposed…Curing is when you jar them
They will not breathe in jars so you got to get air circulation on them!

I was thinking about using it for a curring cabinet.

curing works in a simple cabinet / closet and the Boveda paks provide all the humidity control necessary. Any cool dark drawer / cabinet / closet / space works
The wine cooler, if it has an evaporator / condensor - is perfect for DRYING. Hang the buds in there to dry then trim and move to a jar with the boveda. What is important in curing is the burping, Rh control and TIME…not the temp as much