CurrDogg420’s Grow

1/7 Fed flower girls each 1 cup 4-8-4 and 1/2 cup insect frass. Worms appear to be fat happy and plentiful. Watered the veg tent in with a couple teaspoons of fish emulsion.


@CurrDogg420 which is the NYC diesel?

Hi Ali @croniclow, the NYC Diesel is the one that got chopped down, in my second post in this topic. She yielded I think 417g of product- around 325g of nice buds in jars.

She’s got a rich earthiness that can sort of take different flavor profiles depending what I pair it with. Coffee, chocolate, or like fresh healthy compost with a hint of lime.

I gave a couple of clones away to a local grow buddy and he kept a mother. He offered to return the favor but I’ve got a bunch of other strains I want to try so I turned them down. I’m glad it’s going to live on though, I think it was a good phenotype.

@CurrDogg420 I’ve been smoking the larfy buds off my Death Bubba Xmas day harvest. For uncured small stuff, it gums up my grinder but passes the joint smoke test, extremely well :crazy_face: I’m glad I gave some clones to future son-in-law, and I will get this phenotype back in 3 weeks!

Can’t wait for the 10 jars of good bud to cure!

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@CurrDogg420 that’s good info was she difficult to grow? I have NYC now that I’m about to flower :wink:

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Ali @croniclow, in my grow she was hungry for the cal-mag. I fed her a couple of times starting around mid-flower with it.

Other than that though, she was a very easy grow. This was my second run of it - this one was a clone of my favorite plant from the first run.

If you use organic fertilizers also try feeding with some insect frass. It turned out a little more frosty this time around after using it. I might have just done a better job with the grow this time, but I think it might have helped.

1/10 Replaced 8” exhaust filter after 8 months of basically 24/7 operation. I’m not sure if adding the humidifiers hastened it’s demise, but I’m looking at options for filtering my water. I saw a lot of fine white dust in the old filter sock.

I had to move my scotch bonnet peppers out of the way to get to the filter, and wow, I should have pruned them a while ago. :joy: Also, found the first pod!

I gave them a pretty drastic pruning before putting them back in the tent. I only kept the most upright branches on each plant basically. None of them had any pods anyway.


@CurrDogg420 thanks for the advice happy growing


1/12 Merry Christmas to me! 3x3 Deluxe drying tent + AC Infinity T6 exhaust kit. No light in it yet, but I’ve got an extra 400w in my veg tent which is super overkill and it should be able to flower this tent nicely.

It came with a carrying case, which I probably will never use but I thought it was a nice touch. Everything I’ve purchased from AC Infinity always seems top quality.

And of course the obligatory garden update:


1/14 Seeing what appears to be a cal mag deficiency in the strawberry. I decided to fertilize with the flower blend again because I feel like that’s my best shot at this point at making a correction. Fed each flower girl 1.5 cups 4-8-4, 1/2 cup fish bone meal, 1/2 cup insect frass, watered in with cal mag solution.

1/15 Transplanted the Banana Kush into final veg pots: ~10 gallon plastic. I also added a larger humidifier in the veg tent, running on a controller. I can peg the humidity now exactly where I want it, but it seems to have already fouled my brand new carbon filter. Looking like an RO is going to be in my future. Which sucks because my plants seem perfectly fine with my tap water otherwise- if anything it doesn’t have enough calcium.

1/17 Watered in both tents using cal mag and fish emulsion.

1/19 The cal mag issue with the strawberry doesn’t seem to be progressing, overall with only 2.5 weeks to go I think we’re finally in cruise control- just add water.

Wedding cake, 5.5 weeks


Wow, I wish I could try a slice of your wedding cake. It looks delicious.