CurrDogg420’s Grow

Banana Kush femininized @ ILGM x2
11/14 started in paper towel

11/16 germinated 100% success
11/16 Transplanted to 4” square pots
11/18-19 emerged from soil
12/2 topped after 3rd node

12/4 Transplanted to 1.5 gallon plastic “training” pots

12/9 “Doing our stretches”


I’m going to fold my other grows into this diary.

What a weekend! Lost power for most of it. Which was unfortunate because I had a bunch of work to do!

12/11 Harvest Day: 1x NYC Diesel @ HGCC. This is a lady with some stories to tell.

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12/11 Power Outage! Around 28 hours. We caught a bit of the tail end of the devastating winter storm that hit Kentucky and the Midwest. This was of course inconvenient but it couldn’t have happened at a better time if it was gonna happen. The flower tent just finished and the next batch was ready to flip anyways:

1x Strawberry Cough @ HGCC
1x Wedding Cake @ HGCC

12/12 Prep for flower: Schwazz node pruning, transplant to 20 gallon fabric, scrog, flip to flower.

12/12 Moved Banana Kush out of the tent after ~24 hrs darkness and placed by sliding glass door. Trampled by Teddy (pictured above) while barking at something he saw outside. Lost 1 main top.

I didn’t get too angry about it. He was doing his job and my plant got in the way. I also know these plants have a 2 month wait before the the flower tent is available again, and they’ll look much different by then.


@CurrDogg420 nice crop there!


@CurrDogg420 i have a table just like the one that plant is on old table

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Yeah I should take better care of it, it is a nice piece. They’re not making many drop leaf tables like that anymore.

12/12-17: Not too much going on, just watering and training. The Banana Kush is recovering as expected, developing 3 main tops instead of 4. I’m cool with that.

I’ve been adjusting the flower girls daily. The 6” squares I’m using are definitely not ideal. I found a couple of tricks that can help though.

So adjusting the tension by raising or lowering the trellis, and adjusting the position of the pot, are sort of your power tools when you’re stuck in the net.

Sometimes I have to loosen the tension and raise the net in order to move a top over to another square. But most of the time you can’t reach it yet and increasing the tension sort of spreads the plant open in that corner.

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That’s why I stopped useing the net @CurrDogg420 i have like big grow box inside of the grow room and i had wire about foot above bucket height so i use it and cotton string to tie limbs over works much better for me i even have couple bricks in the floor underneath the buckets to tie off to works really well for my setup as it picture red is the wire i tie off to white brick in floor and i can work from other side same way

it works really well for me i don’t care to much about the net no worth the hassle


Oh met tell you @CurrDogg420 i have took four feed sacks and im making grow bags out of we see how it goes my plant i have in my grow now just flipped lights and i have two clones and for seedlings in my nursery. im going to put in them bags im making going to be trying out see if it works out

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I had a big roll of this trellis netting; I used it in the veggie garden this year.

It worked out great for a while, way easier than stakes, but I needed more support poles in the tomato rows.

It works out in the tent pretty good too for these 1 or 2 plant grows. I wouldn’t want to do a scrog if I had a second row of plants in the back. Even just using it as a support is a pain when you have to water that back row.

If you compare the pic from 5 days ago I’m pretty happy with how they’ve filled the 5x5.


12/20 Fed flower girls each with approx 1/2cup insect frass, 1/2 cup crab meal, 1/2 cup fish bone meal. Trying to stay ahead of any calcium and phosphorus demand, and hoping I can trigger some extra trichrome production.

12-23 glamour shots. Strawberry Cough, Wedding Cake


@CurrDogg420 how’s your basement working out for you if that’s where you still growing i was just wondering if you started pulling fresh air from outside like we talked about before

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@Daddy1971 good point, I should mention my grow conditions in my journal!

Yes still growing in the basement, 2 5x5 tents set on top of 2” foam board insulation to keep them off the floor. I’m still not drawing air from outside but I may try that out in the spring.

It’s been pretty economical to keep everything in the ideal range for my flower tent. My dehumidifier barely runs because the lights are drying the air enough just by being on. So far I haven’t had to supplement heat in the flower tent, though I recently reduced my intake and exhaust fan speed to keep it from dipping below 74 with the lights on. I do have a little space heater in the veg tent.

Flower tent
Lights on 72-74F, 38-45%RH
Lights off 62-65F, 45-54%RH

Veg tent
Lights on 75-79F, 35-40% RH
Lights off 70-74F, 39-45% RH


Nicely done @CurrDogg420 nice grow setup

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12/24 More training. We’re overdue for a transplant, shedding some old fan leaves. The one with 4 tops smells like a skunk in heat. :skunk: :stuck_out_tongue:

12/27 Training - pretty much completed for the flower tent because we’re pretty much full.

Fed each with around 1/4 cup 4-8-4 (all I had left) 1/2 cup 4-4-4, 1/4 cup insect frass, 2 cups worm castings, watered in with a bit of fish emulsion mixed in to the water. I noticed some worm activity when scratching in the top dressing.

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12/28 Transplant Banana Kush into 3 gallon plastic. We were a few days overdue and looking a little sad. I removed a bunch of dying fan leaves. They ought to perk back up in a couple days when they start growing in to the new pot.

I’m going to keep a close eye on where it wants to put the new growth; I might top the main branches again if it doesn’t seem to be developing the inner nodes as much as I want.

12/30 The Wedding Cake absolutely loved the fish emulsion. She’s been praying like this ever since. It appears she’s going to be quite blessed. :innocent:

12/30 Gave Strawberry Cough a 2” boost; which added 100+ more umol of PAR at every flower site. The Wedding cake is going total beast mode so this probably won’t be the final booster seat height.

12/30 I started planning my next grows as well. I will have time for another indoor grow after the BK before summer heats up. So I think that’s going to be HGCC Gelato and ILGM Zkittlez.

I’m also going to start my seeds for outdoor when I pop those, in early Feb. I’m allowed 3 mature plants, and I have a 35’x30’ veggie garden. So I did the math and I’ll need to allocate about 1/2 of it for my weed. :grin:

For those I think I’m going with Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Cheese, and Baked Apple, which is a Cindy99 x Northern Lights. They’re all supposed to be September finishers. The weather here really takes a turn Oct 1 so I’ll be wanting to finish before then.


Off-topic but…the other plants: peppers? Just wondering.

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@Reefers yes, they’re some scotch bonnet peppers that I grew in my veggie garden last season. I cloned them because I really liked the shape and color of the pods. I’m hoping to produce some seeds from them.

I grow veg outdoors and recognized the pepper leaf shape. I grow bell peppers, though I do like a little heat in my food, but not Scotch bonnet heat.

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LOL! My daughter planted some pepper seeds out of a store-bought pepper in October (why??) as an experiment, ended up in my tent on the floor between my plants until just before my harvest. They’re now under her boyfriend’s lights!


1/1 Added two humidifiers in the veg tent. Even with both of them running on high, it only raised the RH to around 45% with the lights on, but it’s made a big difference. I had been watering the peppers daily but now we’re back to every other day.

I also ended up topping all of the main branches on the Banana Kush.

1/2 Added the second trellis net in the flower tent.
1/5 Glamour shots