Curling leaves flowering stage

can anybody tell me why my inner leaves are curling in and wilting, these are young and growing

we will need some pics please…no burple light…
leaves curl for a few reasons
too hot, too close to light, overwater, underwater, root problems, wind burn, heat stress

overwater =image

underwater image

root problems image

windburn image

heat stress image

thanks for the reply Mike a little info using 5gal fabric pots with a mixture of strawberry fields on the bottom 50% and ocean forest and happy frog mix. watered on the 31st spider farmer sf1000 at 80% and 20 inches distance water ph 6.5 rh 50 temp 80 having problem uploading pics. the closest comparison looks like the overwater pic leaf at the 10 o’clock position

how young are they? Temp, Rh look good…OF/HF a little hot for toddlers but that is why I want to know age. Strawberry fields too far a way at this time to make a difference
5 gal—a little big for toddlers so many times we water the soil and it is too much for the small plant
I use smaller containers and upgrade along the way
80% lights…20inch…should be ok if they are at least 3-4 weeks old else cut light to 50% for now
good Ph
are you using nutes or just water and letting organic soil feed them? No nutes if under 3-4 weeks old
I assume tent…When we have plants in tents, we usually tender many times a day
let them dry out almost or to the point they wilt
then water but do not soak a 5 gal container for a <1gal plant…gabishe?