Curious if by pics peps can tell?

First timer lol. I can grow plants, never tried this (house plants ) strain. However very beautiful, and in my case happens to be very beneficial. However, I bought seeds from nota good source. ( Have purchased what I think I’m going to get, from here). My dilemma if it is, I have three plants growing but they look completely different? I’ll post pics if only it’s possible for someone to know.

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It might be possible if the strain wasnt properly stabilized since each Seed Will take different qualities from the parental, there’s also a chance that someone mixed up the Seeds and you just got different strains

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@Mojo did you request the lineage from the retailer you bought your seeds from? They should be able to tell you if it’s s1 f1 or a stable s5 or f5.

Anything up to an S3/F3 is going to have a lot of pheno variance. S3/F3 and beyond are far more stable.

I personally don’t mind the F1 pheno variances with certain crosses because that means I can pheno hunt myself for my own needs.

I can see how it would be frustrating as a grower and not a breeder though to not have consistency with your genetics.

If you buy seeds from homegrown and send an email requesting lineage or breeding information they will tell you what fillial generation it is.

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