Critical Blue from Texas

Yep. Each winter I top bed off w/ wood chips and cow manure (neighbor is cattle rancher), and keep it moist til spring, then turn it all up with a shovel. Good stuff that all my plants like; Asparagus, strawberries, +peppers, zucchini, +onions, broccoli, +herbs, corn, melon, beans, peas, russet and sweet potatoes. And this year, WEED.

One thing I’ve been surprised with is how resilient weed is. Probably the only plant I’ve dealt with that didn’t suffer even a second of visible transplant shock, nor does it care much about 100+ degree days. While my other plants will wilt a bit at scorching sun, weed is like, nah, I’m good. It’s also one of the last plants to show water stress. And as a bonus, once it starts stinking grasshoppers leave it alone.