Creating the Perfect Climate for Growing Marijuana Indoors

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For the many cultivators who are unable to grow marijuana in the great outdoors, growing cannabis indoors is the only option. Therefore it is paramount to know how to create the best climate for a grow room. Get familiar with the factors that make up the perfect setting, and watch your marijuana seeds flower and…

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Excellent info. I agree with all of it.

I have the luxury of growing in a full room in my house.
Using HID lamps for years, I’ve learned to do my yearly grow in the late fall/early winter months. I can easily control the temperature by cracking open or closing the window. Ventilation comes naturally that way.
I live in a drier climate, so a stand alone humidifier and foliar feeding gets me where I need to be. A gentle fan simulates a summer breeze. Pests are rare in the cold winter months, so they are not much of a problem. It took a few grows to dial it in, but I’ve had good success for several years.

I agree to i do same thing i am very lucky to have my grow room my house has water cistrum to catch rain water turned it into grow room its great

I live on the 3 floor so buy bottled water its the cost of growing organicaly the tap water has chlorine and or chloramine which is added to kill harmful bacteria but it also kills the good bacteria

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@DollarBill, what’s that you are growing? I forgot.

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@kmac03 GG #4 Fem from HGCC

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This spring grow i went with early skunk X northern lights from HCC have new compost pile started last spring got anything any everything in it i have chicken and hogs lots of fertilizer going to be a great year