Cream Autoflower day 60

Cream auto finally starting to ripen… she’s about 60 days in flower right now. The flower time on this plant is “50-60 days”. No way this plant is done before 70 days.

Cream day 60 - About an average sample of trichs.

Cream Day 60 flower

All the nugs nice size and densing out with resin.

And my next group of photos getting ready for flower… I post on them later but they’re looking great.


BTW… Plant is in a 2x4 oversize, Spider Farmer SF2000, 3 gal fabric pot, and for soil/nutes… Pro Mix, Gaia Greens, worm castings, kelp, molasses is the only thing this plant received.

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This is the blueberry auto planted same time as cream with a longer projected flower. I harvested this last Saturday and it is pretty delicious. It did start flowering about a week before cream though.


Looks like its about done for the cream auto… trichomes are about 10% at day 68 flower… I’m going to harvest between day 70-72. You can’t come within 25 feet of her without being drenched by her aromas… A typical sweet creamy caramel but also a nice surprise of some gassy/cleaner smell too.

Cream auto day 68 flower.

Trichomes from day 65… Look about the same three days later.

Anyways, that’s the last update for the cream… Looking like about 90 grams + about the half ounce I clipped to have some a little less amber.

I decided to build an Auto flower tent so I will be running a cycle for the fall… Going to go:

  1. Yumboldt - Mendocino Farms
  2. Pina Auto (Ethos)
  3. Chem de la creme (Mephisto)
  4. Double Grape (Mehpisto)
  5. Mango Smile (Mephisto)
  6. Banana Daddy (Ethos)
  7. Super Orange Haze (Mephisto)
  8. Skywalker OG (Mephisto)
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