Converting Measurements from across the English speaking world

Hello all, I’m not sure if it’s just me being an idiot but I’m struggling with the conversions of weight from across the pond. The main content creators nowadays are from the US and Canada, would it be possible for someone to clear this up?
How many UK litres are in a US/CAN Gallon of dry weight (soil). Trying to find pots and bags measured in gallons in the UK is a nightmare. Thank you!

Someone else can check my math, but 4.405 dry liters equals 1 US Dry Gallon. I have used Gal = Liters * 0.227.

try this free download I have been using for many years

15 pints = 1 bad headache! but seriously, i usually google conversions all the time. good luck.


Leave it up to us Americans to measure and weigh everything with different units than the whole rest of the world. I still chuckle about that since my school days.

At least we measure time in the same units.


I bought a used truck from Canada once and had to have it converted to miles from kilometers. It would drive me crazy the mileage was in kilometers and not miles.

What do you even call it in kilometers.? The kilometerage instead of mileage.?

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I need to remember not to follow you around this forum. I’m cracking up laughing and getting the stink eye. :rofl::joy::v: