Controlling the stretch

So I have these gorilla glue autos that keep going and going I’m like very shocked nice big stems very healthy I’m using my 2x2 tent and they just going with very big pistils and calaxes my light is at the limit meaning at the very top. I see no signs of slowing yet which is insane lol it just keeps shooting colas out is there a way to slow growth I mean I’m just waiting for the cola to start showing hairs from the top bit it has not yet I still see layers of nodes coming.


gorilla glue…one of my favorites. Another is super silver haze. Talkin about sticky! When they say “super”, I believe they mean super trichomes. You can’t get them off your fingers when harvesting.


You were absent the day they taught us that with autos, you have to plan ahead, huh?
Seriously, though, the genetics of autos burn like a solid fuel rocket. Once started, they can’t be stopped or meaningfully slowed down. So your best bet, in a small tent is to be ready to tie down the plants during the three to five or six week period, so your main stem is more or less horizontal, along the edge of the pot you’ve tied it to. You’ve set it up to send off several colas, including the natural top, but deprived it of the vertical height. Just about the time you see signs of flower, the stem gets pretty stiff, too woody to bend easily. About then I cut loose the ties, and let ‘em go. I’ve got three at almost ten weeks right now, ranging from 17 to 23” tall, but nicely dense with flower. I could raise the light a bunch if I needed to, because each plant has a wicked crooked main stem that shortens it about eight or ten inches, and the side stems that produce secondary colas get better light.

But you’re beyond that for this grow. Best you can do is to tie back the main stems with pipe cleaner anchors tied to the corner posts of your tent. The idea is get the tops out of the super bright middle of the light, so they don’t burn up while the rest of the plant is still maturing.


I would try to bend the stems. place the pots in one of the corners, stretch a net over it and position the stems all to the opposite side

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They should be done stretching should go into full flower :crossed_fingers::v::call_me_hand: