Controling RH in an indoor sealed grow

What math magical formula do you use to determine what size dehumidifier you will need?

@ILOVEher1st welcome to the forum. Just basic math. Find the square footage or cubic footage of your grow space and find one designed for your space requirements.

Most of the ones I have looked just say something like small room, large room. I assume a small room is 8 x 10. I take that number and compare it to the sq footage of my grow tent/room. And pick one. Most cool mist humidifiers are adjustable so that works. And yes I do have to readjust them at times.

Humidifier or DE-humidifier. Big difference here. If humidifier. do not forget the amount of plants and type of soil adds to Rh. I run a 32sq ft tent and only have 1 gallon frog type humidifier.

All close and partially correct answer so far. But none right. Quest climate control had a calculator on their website for figuring the humidifier-dehumidifier needed for your specific grow.
You need to know the size of your space (cubic feet), average temperature of the room, amount/size of plants in the room, typical input of water in a day. And if you can the leaf temperature.

Honestly if your in a tent or similar size, I would get one if the smaller whole house size ones. Needs to be able to handle at least 10-12pints a day minimum. If you can find one that has a discharge hose get it, you can run the hose to your humidifier and recycle the water.

The water cycle in a closed grow environment, such as a tent, is quite complex. Theres a TON of factors, in addition to what I mentioned above.

Also something to remember, when you change the RH you change the temperature.

Also welcome to the forum @ILOVEher1st. Lots to see and do around here.

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I don’t use one i ajust my air coming in and air going out both of my fans i can adjust air flow but i have grow room not tent i have capacitor and switches that control them made them all myself