Control tent environment or room?

Best way to control environment? Will be using c02 tank controlled by trolmaster, split unit in sealed room that is within a Detached garage. The garage is insulated but the room will be sealed the best way I can… Not sure if I should exhaust hot air out of tent into the rest of the garage or directly outside and two administer CO2 directly into tent or just into the room? the tent is in using passive air through the tent vents. Hopefully you can get an idea with my little rough draft lol maybe I’m just overthinking it but I’d like to get the ideal environment set up.

Since you are not forcing air in with positive pressure, I would run the co2 (if I ran co2) inside the tent depending on how high you are having to run negative pressure to keep temps under control. If the negative is always cranked up to keep temps down, I would run the co2 outside. Let it blow right back into the garage as it is purified air going back out as it looks like in your sketch you’re using carbon filter.

Based on your environment (garage), and if odors not an issue, I would take the carbon filter and put it on a positive fan outside the tent to filter air going in. If odors an issue just run two filters. Less than 100 bucks to add a fan and filter.

Then run the co2 inside the tent.

Filtered air going in at bottom

Hot air at top opposite corner going out

That is ideal in every tent but especially in garage. You will be dealing will more airborne contaminants so my priority would be filtered positive pressure.

Also, depending on what im doing, I can turn one off and crank the other.

AwsoMe thank you! Just want to be clear that this is a 7’x13’ room built inside of a 24’x24’ garage . The room I will try to seal best I can . And the 5x5 tent will be I. The 7x13 room . That room will also have a split unit.

Sounds cool… I would definitely run filtered positive from the 24x24 space then and run the CO2 in the tent and vent back out to the 24x24 remaining space. . Then you can run air condition/ heater in the 7x13 and that would work great. This way you can run the intake on low and as it gets hotter the exhaust fan will increase and pull ambient air from the 7x13 through the vent holes. And you can open the garage door or crack it at the bottom to allow fresh air in for the intake.

The other nice thing about the positive air is you are increasing air flow beneath the canopy. I like my air to flow under and above the canopy and everything in the middle just gets caught in the vortex. For a hot garage the air flow will be essential.

If temp outside gets too extreme in your area then I would run positive from the 7x13.

The 7x13 room within the garage will be sealed though? An have the split unit … just in that room not the rest of the garage . I shouldn’t have to worry about outside temps if I’m controlling temp of the 7x13 room. An as far as exhausting it yes either into the rest of the garage where it will exhaust out through the garages ridge vent i the roof or exhaust back in to the 7 x 13 room and just recycled the CO2 supplemented temperature controlled air within that room. Sorry hope I’m not confusing. But ya opening or closing the garage door shouldn’t affect that room cause it will be totally framed in insulated an sealed.