Complete Tent System

Hello. I’m new to the forum and sort of new to growing. I was a gorilla grower when I was younger and never really tried to seriously grow indoors.
Things sure have changed over the years with all the science applied. I have learned things and have found old thinking with new thinking and ideas.
Well here’s my first question. I am considering getting a complete tent setup. This one below. I hope I’m allowed to post links? I guess we will see once I hit the post button.

This is only for personal use as my wife has serious medical issues and can/does get relief from cannabis. Not from CBD but from THC.
Since this is my first post I will leave it here and will post with further questions at a later time. But I do want to get feedback on the system I linked above and possible alternatives to it. I do think 400 watt may not be enough?
Thanks in advance.

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AC Infinity is popular and I use some of their equipment in my grow room. Only thing with kits is make sure you are saving $$$ . . . in my opinion you’d be better buying it individually. Looks like about $130-170 (depending on controller options) left for grow bags, trellis net and pruning snips if bought by the piece.

I’ve never used their lights but heard good things about the s44 lamp . . . only negative is it’s said to be hot when running at 100%

Do it if the money is ok do it get a coupon code from some of the utube channels get it all at once that way you won’t get the wrong stuff

Got to watch those kits . . . they often have the “wrong” stuff included. Admittedly, AC Infinity is better than most but it’s still someone else deciding how you’re going to grow and what you need . . . it would be fine if we all had the same growing style and methods but in reality the kits are a good deal for a few people, while most find they have things they don’t need and need things they don’t have . . . if I bought that kit I’d be tossing grow bags and the trellis so in my case those items offer zero value.

For example, a Mars Hydro 4x4 complete kit which they sell with an underpowered TSW2000 . . . that’s a 3x3 lamp. So you need an upgrade before you unbox the kit. With the AC Infinity they are over powering the vent . . . a 4x4 should be fine with a 4" inline fan (I ran a 4" in a 4x4 for a couple of years and it will suck the sides of a tent in) makes me wonder if the rumors of heat issues with the S44 lamp at 100% are true.

I run the s33 and s44. I don’t see any heat difference from other brands. My advice would be AC kit. Have everything controlled by your phone. I’ve forgotten to change some settings before going on short trips and the ability to control Wi-Fi saved my ladies.

I have priced out the equipment separately and the complete system is a tremendous savings.
They don’t list the fixture product number. Only that it is full spectrum at 400 watts.
This is my main concern. Is 400 watt enough for a 4x4 tent? I assume they sell this as a complete system so it should be?

Thanks yes. I have a 15% off coupon code.

Yes. I am even not sure if I need the controller. I don’t need grow bags either. I also had some concern with 6" ducting. But this is easily adjusted. Via an AC motor control or baffling. Not to mention the intake opening should keep the negative pressure acceptable. But yes I did have reservations regarding the extractor fan.
Not sure about how hot the lamp burns as well. This is my biggest concern. 400 watt. Not sure if it’s enough?

Thanks. The S44 is what comes with the 4x4 setup. 400 watt.
I am not sure I need the controller? But it does come with the kit and I do see some advantages.

My math came out different . . . kit priced at $999 - individually 399 for lamp, 179 tent, 39 for oscillating fan, 249 for 6" inline fan, filter and controller. Those items ship with the hanger ties, ducting and clamps they list separate for the kit so all you’d be shorted for the -$130 would be the bags, trellis and snips. And what I priced includes the 6" Cloudline fan, not the cheaper Lite version that the kit includes . . . and in a 4x4 you would be fine with a 4" inline although I did figure the 6".

That’s cool . . . just heard complaints in that department on another forum about those fixtures, no personal experience. But if runs anything like a Mars or SF lamp it’s hot . . . I’ve compared both to the temps I see with a Scorpion Rspec, the HLG is hands down cooler at twice the wattage

How about the controller? How much would that be seperate? But like I said I am not certain I need a controller. But Maybe I do?
I did not see the fan/extractor difference. Do you know what the difference is between the kit Lite extractor fan vs the Cloudline? I do also agree about 4’ vs 6". Seems overkill.
You are correct I don’t need any of the equipment in $130 view.
I am going to go over everything again and I have not pulled the ntrigger on the kit.
Thanks Chuck.

The controllers are nice to have and can help with environment . . . the Controller 69 comes with the fan/filter kit I mentioned and adds about $60 to the same fan with manual speed controller. If you went with a 4" you’d save another $50 . . . in a 4x4 it’s enough but the 6" will be quieter if sound is an issue.

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I have an AC Infiniti setup, I would also avoid the bundle. There’s no way I payed that much for my setup and I have more than what is there.
Shop around.

Mars Hydro lights run cool

And that’s at 100%

Watch led depot , I saw a light called medicgrow. I got a 1000 watt that dimmable down to 40 percent without the $200 dollar controller. Led depot par tested the light and said it was best deal on the market. I can confirm that it’s truly a really good light and I got it on sale for less than $540.00 , I got a six inch adjustable inline spider farmer fan with speed controller, adjustable hangers , ducting, trellis, temperature and humidifier digital reader for less than $180.00 , a 8foot by 4 foot by 6.5 foot tent for less than $100 brand new and a used 12000 btu air conditioner,almost new, for$150.00 and all is looking great in four weeks. I’m loving it so far.

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Having personal experience with the brand I say: Medicgrow sucks as a company and their fixtures are garbage . . . yes they perform ok, until 90 days in and it didn’t. Customer service gave me the run around, check circuit breakers, I have bad line voltage, etc. anything to avoid saying it was an issue with their product that failed. I ordered my first HLG lamp 3 days into arguing with Medicgrow, the new HLG lamp was hanging before I got a response to an email from these people.

Typical MedicGrow review:

“They are horrible and they company and product sucks”

A cheap lamp, yes Medicgrow fixtures are cheap LED’s, is rarely a good deal in the long run. This company is noted for piss poor customer service . . . if you have an issue you’re $$$ is likely gone.

Customer service is like insurance, doesn’t really matter until you need it . . . then you want a solid company that stands behind their product rather than blaming the user for problems and ignoring correspondence as was my experience with Medicgrow.

Wish I had heard this before I bought because I started to get the HLG far red. If it’s as you say I’ll surely regret my purchase. I’m going to get in touch with customer service and see what happens.

I had heard good reviews with them before trying the brand . . . my experience was negative. I hope that over the past 2 years things have improved for both the consumer and the brand.

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Sorry for the late chime in. I’m sure you have already ordered whatever you decided on. But FYI I do run the s44 in a AC 3x3 tent because it fits well and adds more coverage.