Comparing Indoor to Outdoor Grows

After growing strictly indoors for just over three years, I decided to delve into a simple outdoor “growing scheme”. Living in what I’ll term a “medicinal, non recreational, non personal grow” state, my outdoor grows consist of autos (which, BTW, is also my first time growing these - always did photos) and some photos I’m vegging in the sun. Everything is in containers/grow bags so it can be moved. Temps here can range from a high in the low 90’s to a low in the mid 40’s in the same week. All my plants are on a second story deck on tables, so “ground critters” aren’t really a problem. Tomatoes, peppers, and chives are growing around all the herbage.

So, what I’ve noticed is that outdoor growing has way too many variables that are difficult to control. I’m a simplistic grower, always looking for less is the best way to go. My indoor grows may not have huge yields, but I have very few issues relating to bugs and other outdoor maladies. Indoors, all I use is a grow/bloom pair of nutes and some filtered/RO water. I’ve never checked pH or any types of other measurements and have never seen a single “critter” on any plant grown in my tents. Outdoors, plants stretch uncontrollably, are affected by sun/wind/rain and other weather related issues. Without a lot of constant care, are outdoor grows worth it? Seems like a lot more work and increased costs for supplies - so what’s the upside other than free light?

I’m not trying to be critical, just looking for some real answers.


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Hi @Bill I agree that outdoor has things that are out of your control that can affect your plants. Indoor you have complete control…yields are less but I feel you can get a more consistent product from indoor grows as opposed to outdoor.

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That’s pretty much my thoughts too. Just trying to get info from some outdoor growers that have also grown indoors for some perspective.

Boy, I am amazed as the “opinion” of indoor vs outdoor. My Indoor are way more expensive, require much more attention. I have to control: Rh, temps, lights, schedules, nutrient solutions, ventilation, training, space constraint, height constraints…open and close that firggin tent a hundred times…lol
Outdoors - I make my compost annually, turn my soil every year…this is used both in my raised bed and my containers…I add my canna and canna pro soils to both…
For my outdoor, I use 20-10-20 from 3 weeks to harvest…I aerate it in my 5 gal pail…Indoors I change nutrients based on age / maturity…outdoors - same feed for the life of the plant. I even use the hose (with hose filter) and the Ph is not checked…indoors - RO…and Ph check every watering
My indoor plants may be better looking, fuller buds but taste -outdoors makes it shine. I use autos intermittently with photos that are times for harvest just before the HEAT COMES…Many times, the buds are a little airy…but just as or even more potent…My insect control is constant - same except for horn-worms…and those buggers will devour canna as much as tomato…I use my black light and my solution does take care of 90% of the larvae.
To me, outdoors is almost plant and water…what may be will be but it is definitely less labor intensive AND COSTLY than the tent. I have reached the point where I only use the tent from september to mar/april…outdoors from feb through June, sometimes into early July…this year may be different with the early HEAT BLASTS of 116+…that is usually reserved for july/august.
Amazing how we can be at such different ends of the spectrum for the same product…Also, with outdoors, I am kinda…what it is it is…where indoors, since I have so much control, I turn into a control freak