Companion Plants

I did a search and only found one thread dedicated to this topic by @MDBuds from 2020.

I have been a gardener my entire life and even switched to container gardening when I was in an apartment for several years. Companion planting is just a habit of mine so of course I’m continuing it with my new adventure into cannabis growing. I realize many don’t have room for them in grow tents, but I am lucky enough to have room both indoors and out. A week before I started my cannabis seeds I planted marigolds, basil, lavender and chamomile. Those are going to be grown with my cannabis both indoors and out. Is there a specific reason I’m not seeing it as a standard practice in cannabis growing? It’s always proved very helpful in the garden. :woman_shrugging:


I grow some autoflower cannabis plants out in my hoop house greenhouse along with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, peas, green beans. Cloth pots, buried in raised beds, which are watered by drip lines in the summer. I’ve found that the peppers are a good “early warning” system for the cannabis. If the peppers are unhappy about something (too cold at night, water and soil too acidic, aphid attack, too hot during the day, etc.), the cannabis will follow being unhappy within a day or two. Growing peppers (jalapeño, bell, ancho, hatch, Hungarian hot wax, etc.,) is actually a little more difficult than cannabis and if I can get things right for them, the companion plant cannabis will thrive. I am at 3500 feet elevation.

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That’s great to know, @TSATF . I can easily add some peppers into the mix. Thank you for that. :blush:

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