Colas not filling out

This is my 1st autoflower grow. It’s in my basement closets. They’re in week 16! As far as I’m concerned it’s a total flop.

I started with cheap Chinese leds then finally got a light with a veg & bloom switch. Seems to have helped. I grew them in coco soil. Cheap nutes etc…

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That seems genetic - maybe a mutation. Those single blade leaves just weren’t gonna do much photosynthesis no matter what light you had. I probably wouldn’t run that one again unless it ended up being extra special smoke or something. Some people say those mutants can turn out that way. Even still for 4 months of electric bill I’d be disappointed too.

If you’re looking for efficiency photos are the only way to go.

Thank You!! Here I thought I did something horribly wrong. I started 2 photo gorillas from seeds out of the stuff I’ve been buying & they’re healthy. So i guess I’ll see what happens with these. Thank you So much!

Yeah I would agree with curdog. I bet you popped the runt of the litter. What seeds were using by the way? As in what strain? It looks a lot like some landrace Sativas I grew last year called grinspoon (barneys farm). That plant wanted to be a giant beast and I kept it in a half gallon pot. Mine was not an auto and wanted to go over 20 weeks.

It looks like a beautiful plant though. Well grown and big fat calyxes. I’d run 3 to 6 seeds next time instead of just one. That way you can compare them to each other. It’s hard to make a fair assessment on just one specimen.

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Thank you. It was a black jack auto from right here pn homegrown. Heck, maybe it was from one of the free bags :flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I love your background reflector there. Is that some Mylar wrapping paper? Or did you get your ladies a disco ball?

LMAO it’s actually a car dash protector. Ya know the one’s you put in your cars windshield. Gotta do it as CHEAP as possible when you’re poor. :sob::sob::joy::joy:


Send them a pic of that to their customer support. Maybe they’ll send ya some more seeds to try it again.

I seen a guy who’s got ya beat on the hillbilly engineer reflective material - hes got some silver wedding present wrapping paper. Forget what it said but it was really sentimental lol. Wish I would have thought of it before I bought a roll of reflective plastic coulda saved some money.

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Flower back to veg causes that. No?? The mutated look

Oh and panda+sf1000+pvc=good starter setup on the cheap