Co2 how to be cost effective

Looking for help on how to be most cost effective and add CO2 to the grow. Idea?

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Well when I did aquariums it needs up being large paintball tanks with 2 needle valves, the first to act as a regulator the second to act as the control. But that’s a much smaller volume than a grow room.

The diy fermentation method is ok at best, the premade bags, while effective do cost.

The baking soda and vinegar reactor is about as cheap and effective as diy can get, but it has to be set right and kept in balance which can be frustrating.

It seems most folks either go with a propane tank size filled with C02(cost $ each refill) or a generator that runs off propane to create C02 (heat introduction and flame issue and cost of propane refills)

Do you need C02? Are your lights/feed and plants at the max of what the can produce without needing C02?


Most dont even add extra co2 to the grow room, especially if tou sit there and watch em or are constantly in the room checking on em. You are a co2 generator as well. Most cost effective as u can get man. Every exhale releases co2 into the air.

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You can always bring in fresh outside air, it has co2 in it. Only the up front cost for a fan/ducting and you don’t have to transfer and refill heavy tanks. :sunglasses:

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Generally you don’t want to get into adding Co2 into your room until you have a good professional setup.

But some inexpensive methods to increase Co2 levels are reagent generators (such as the bottles, bags , buckets, and home made vinegar and baking soda contraptions).

Next you have the more expensive options ranging from using an air pump with a co2 canister to a full blown Co2 generator.

I would suggest staying away from trying to add Co2 into your grow though until you get a light capable of more than 1000ppfd and you understand DLI in the different stages of growth so you don’t stunt photosynthesis by adding too much Co2 without the proper light at the right stages. You would also want to invest in a good gas meter for your room to measure oxygen and Co2 levels before you start. Generally speaking pros don’t start adding Co2 until they have a set up capable of 1500 ppfd or more. Then they increase the Co2 ppm by stage of growth. 300-400 ppm (ambient Co2) for seedlings and clones, 800-1200 ppm for veg, and 1200 up to 2000 ppm for bloom and flower.


You did not really state the size of your grow area. If you are in a tent, the mushroom bags add more than enough CO2. Unless you are large producer, air will give all the CO2 you need. I grew with CO2 but only in a large grow room 30x20. I had a second room 12x14 and did not use it there. Pretty much same results. Added expense and time negated small increase

I use these for now

Fairly inexpensive should last up to 9 months. I figure it’s better than nothing. I have 2 in a 4x9 room.

Good luck

Nice and funky.

IMHO I do not think you get enough co2 from these to really make a difference. I prefer the yeast / sugar for small environments but if you got an exhaust fan, you’re just wasting time and $$. CO2 is for closed environments, higher heat. I used in large grows but never saw a difference in tents