Close to being ready?

Good morning Hive Mind!

I believe I am close here. I am at 8 weeks with both the Sour Diesel and the White Widow. I have been doing the flowering stage nutrients from TehcnaFlora. Should I start flushing yet?


I do not think so…all your pistils are still white…cannot see the trikes but if the pistils are white it usually is a good INDICATION. your PISTILS WILL GENERALLY TURN COLOR BEFORE THE TRICHOMES DO so use them as an indicator. If you are going to flush, estimate a 2 week window between flush, starve and 2 days darkness. Usually by the time you begin, your pistils are all turned…(amber, reddish, brown). With your / a jewelers loop, your trikes should be in the MILKY stage…
By the way, good looking crop!


Ok, got it. I thought it was a bit early, for the very reason you mention. The pistils are still mostly white. Starting to get some to turn amber and curl in, but definitely not the majority. I am just getting excited and I timed this thing out, to be harvested and in jars for a cure by April 14th. I am not sure if I am going to get that. I leave for a week for my wedding on the 14th. If I happen to harvest on say the 13th, will the buds make it through drying/hanging until I am back on the 20th? Or would it be best to have someone checking on them? And thank you for the kudos, that means a lot!


the most difficult thing we do as growers is WAIT…we germinate and WAIT, we vegetate and WAIT, we flower and WAIT, we harvest and WAIT, we cure and WAIT
Of al the things we do , waiting is the most difficult!
Sour D - is a Sativa Dominant strain…average flowering is 80 to 90 days…produces dreamy cerebral effects that are fast-acting and energizing…
White Widow…an Indica / Sativa blend…but still not really a couch lock - happy, social, creative…but her flower time is SHORTER…at least a week or 2

If you see significant pistil changes on WW, crop her before you go and leave SD for when you return

I personally would harvest LATER than EARLIER…but that is MY preference…I am growing mostly organic do not have flush period…I push the terpenes the last 2/3 weeks with UVA/UVB light…Cold shock too.

I do not know what you substrate is so I cannot tell you it is necessary to flush. We usually want to flush when we use SYNTHETICS as nutrients…they leave an after taste in the buds.
You do not state which Techna FLora you are using specific…is it BLOOM? Is it for HYDRO? If so, flush, if for soil, you can get by with much less flush

Drying is an extremely important stage…the fact you are going away at a critical time can mean the the most for your plants. We want a SLOW, COLD dry usually lasting about 10 days…Humidity should be over 45/50%…aerated to prevent MOLD, dry trimmed preferred for better taste and drying. Then we go into jars for CURING…

This is an important step to leave to SOMEONE ELSE…It requires ATTENTION…

If you do not have to flush or the plants can make it till 4/15, let them flush at that time so whomever is helping only has to water with PLAIN WATER…then you can complete upon your return
I think you may be very close around April 7th…that may be the time to make this decision

hope this helps and doesn’t set your mind a blaze…


Yeah I wouldn’t want to leave the actual trimming or cropping to anyone else. I am using the flowering stage with bloom nutrients, boost, etc etc. The substrate is Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I have had people say “no need to flush” and I have heard “flush for two weeks”. So I am not sure where to go with that. But that’s a good idea to let them flush while I am away. I mean, waiting a week or two longer than “supposed” harvest time wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing right?

Also - how does the UVA/UVB effect terpene? What is the process for cold shock? I am unsure if I will put those things into practice this grow, but next time may be good for some experimentation.

Hey @RYANAZAUDIO - great looking grow!

You want to inspect your trichomes as been stated above.

Here’s what to look for:


New studies on UVb light have shown that the lower portion of the color spectrum can induce BIG changes in the development of both THC and terpenes during the late phase of light. If you leave it on ALL THE TIME, the plants build up immunity, just like our skin to the radiation from UV rays. But intermittent use, 1-2 hrs a day during the late flowering period increases the flavinoids, terpenes and potency, along with smell and taste, of the product
you can google it or check Dr Bugbee