Clones for outdoor grow

I was trimming my white widow fem photo’s & decided to keep some clones, they all fell flat on day 1, now its been 3 days & they are all standing at attention. The mother plant is under 18/6 light cycle, I have the clones under a duel 6500k cfl lamp at a 12 hr cycle, as i plan on growing these outdoors as soon as i know they are rooted, but will these try to flower since i cut them from a 18/6 plant?

Mike, if they are not flowering, or even if they are…as photo you can put them into VEG MODE…Keep lights at 18/6…Even so, I would let them veg for about 3 or 4 weeks before I would flip…Otherwise you just get runts

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I plan on putting these clones outside as soon as the weather stays above 50* at night, i was wondering since they came off a plant under 18/6 cycle, would they try to flower at 12 /12? assuming they survive & grow roots…

all photo period plants go in to flower mode from either stress of certain kinds and / or hours of light. I have placed plants outdoors before they get 12 hours of sunshine but the fact that they get 12+ hrs of DAYLIGHT and can sense the days are getting longer, temps warming…the go to veg mode. When they recognize the onset of winter (days are getting shorter, temps falling), they will go into flower. Doesn’t matter what schedule the mother plant/s are on. Only autoflowers do not follow this pattern

Im cutting some clones while i defoliate my white widows, putting them in 2’’ peat pots with coco. would it be a good idea to pre charge the coco with liquid kelp & cal mag & mollasis?

YES it would…I also add 1:1 milk / water…check with @MDBuds…killer to root clones

thats what ill do, thank you mike

@Mrb53004 I use the milk/water to sterilize sometimes but with clones usually I use a mix of honey, turmeric, and cinnamon as a dip for the cutting.

After dipping I put in rockwool or cocoa charged with calmag, kelp, molasses, distilled water, and a splash of milk phd to 5.5. Then I dome it.

The honey, cinnamon, and turmeric mix keeps the cutting sterilized and has beneficial microbes. The kelp has some nitrogen for growth and auxins and cytokinins that will promote vigorous and healthy rooting as well as some micros. The cal mag and molasses is for micros and sugars. The milk has sugars and micros too but I use it to promote microbial life so when transplanted there’s already beneficial bacterial colonies at the root zone.

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so do you ph the milk or the entire liquid to 5.5?
I have organic dry kelp, can I add it to the cinnamon and tumeric to make a coating of the stem after I dip it in honey?

@Mrb53004 I ph the whole thing to 5.5 if using coco or rockwool.

You can definitely add the kelp powder to the honey cinnamon and turmeric as well as including it in the charging soak.

I actually mix the cinnamon and turmeric with the honey before dipping. Make kind of a paste.

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