Clone veging in 4x4 inch pot. What to transplant to harvest mid October? Outdoors NY

Was thinking 3 then 5 then 10…so
Have some small plants in a 4x4 inch pot that are clones. Outdoors NY. Wonder what size pot to harvest Mid October?

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Would expect 1-2 gallon to be your best bet. if growing outside you’re veg time will be significantly less as we move towards the end of the season… Here in New England we are already down to 14 hours of sunlight so by mid august my plant’s usually go into flower…

If your going to their final home i would suggest 10 gal minimum 5 gal need room for Root growth during stretch! @newgrowmie down here the longest day of the year was just 13:25 mins were down to 13:05 already :yin_yang: I use supplemental light to keep her in Veg once i stopped the light she went into pre flower! Environmental differences! It is Summer year round here :sunny::palm_tree::yin_yang:

Anyone else. These are against eachother

magnus are you growing outside or indoors? of outdoors, where?
@Chasworks is much more experienced than me!

Ive had plants well rooted in 1 gallons fill almost full 10 gallon from July 2nd to August 28th. Roots out of the sides of fabric pots.
So maybe 10 could but there not that well rooted yet either. Hmmm Maybe 5 or 7. I think I might do a some of both.

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The choice is personal, the larger the container you have less problems as you have enough nutes within the medium to keep the plants happy: their isn’t a version where you have to much soil, but you can certainly increase your work load by having too small: not every one can bring a cup to harvest! Why stress yourself :yin_yang:

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Thank you. My wondering is to not do to much work/extra watering and to have my plants well flushed. You cant flush as well with to much soil.

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Ah ha, you are using Chemical Supplements! Thats another story i got away from: :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::100:

Not even close. Iol. Your barking up the wrong tree. I grow veganic bro.

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Im doing two fives and a seven.

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I live in in the middle of NY. I grew 1 plant in a 25 gallon fabric pot last year. I also had 3 plants in the ground. The potted plant grew to almost 9 feet tall with dense buds. I watered the potted plant morning and night. The plants started flowering in late August. I was watching the plants closely throughout September for signs of mold and wetness on the buds. In mid-October the predicted weather was getting cold. I panicked and cut the plants down on October 16. The cold weather never materialized. I could have left the plants grow another 2 weeks. The plants in the ground could have used more time to grow. That would likely have significantly increased my yield. I learned the following:

   1. Watch the buds for excessive moisture.
   2. Watch the weather and don’t panic.  
   3. Think about growing auto flower plants

Good for you Larry. Not at all what im asking. Im already trying autoflowers. Lets stay on topic. Im not asking about autoflowers to be clear. Like i said the harvest is in the middle of october. also Im using 5s and a 7.

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Ok ok i was not trying to say anything beside in living Soil I never water to run off: so i made a assumption in form of a question. Can’t say i have heard of your style before now. :yin_yang:

Haven’t you even herd of nutrients…Or flushing lol. Let along vegan or organic. Id start looking outwards. There is some amazing stuff out there. Going to try Organics Alive next.

I grow Organically, no run off just wasting the nutes that are being generated within the Soil. I feed the Soil the plant will take care of itself: but what ever works i say, no wrong way to do as long as your happy with the results but hey thanks for the tip :yin_yang::sunglasses: