Clear tricomes lasting forever

I thinking I harvested one plant too early. It seemed to be in flower stage forever. The tricomes didn’t seem to turn cloudy or amber even after months of flowering. The pistals were mostly amber and no white pistals, with some yellow pistals with amber tips.

I now have a couple more plants getting close, but they seem to all be clear tricomes as well. It hit 40 degrees last night so I moved the plants indoors. I’m wondering if the tricomes will ever get cloudy/amber.

Any thoughts…

@GolfWeedGuy All my plants have gone amber but one time I did have one plant take 2 weeks longer than its sister to turn…

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sometimes we just gotta go by the stigmas and not the trikes. trich.pstl.hrvst
when you have no more white stigmas and the pistils are orange, you are more than likely over ripe


Ok, I’ll follow that, not sure why I never see amber with the loop

Thanks for the info. I’ll give the plant a little more time, but I might be taking Mike’s advice regarding pistals. I don’t seem to get amber tricomes

@GolfWeedGuy what power is your loop and does it have a light…I have found that on some strains the amber is very light and I only see it with my high power 1000X digital microscope and not with my hand held 60X with light.
Like @Mrb53004 shows is a good estimator along with leaves turning yellow or dyeing near the tops

Ok, I’m convinced. Pistals are important!!!

as we get older, stuff stops working like it did when we were young. I can’t see crap, my wife is always beautiful, can watch reruns all day long and not know the premise, I am always meeting new people and can even hide my own easter eggs

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Lol, my eyes are definitely bad. I like the pistal test, so much easier