Cinderella 99 fast version

I’m not sure if I need take some time to harvest my Cindy, is first days of September ?

Another 3 weeks for the buds to finish getting fat. You still have a lot of white pistils, usually wait until they turn orange/red and recede into the calyx. Around that time, start checking the trichomes with a good jeweler’s loupe. They start out clear, then go milky, then amber. You want them mostly cloudy, some amber, not clear tho (too early, anxiety highs). More amber, more couchlock! You probably want 5/85/10 % ratio of the three, hoping for less clear. There are charts on here, search for Trichome Check or something.

But then you harvest! Not now.

Edit…Also depends on where you are, climate wise. Starts pissing rain where I am near Vancouver end of the month, early October. I have 2 that won’t finish by then, just starting to flower now! I did take some cuttings off one for clones. We’ll see if I can fit them under the hottub gazebo.

I have a hard time seeing through a loop, the plant moves too much. I like to take a picture with a decent camera and blow it up to examine the trichomes.

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I harvest this lady 7 days ago