Chopping my sour diesel tonight

We are gathered here today to see my beloved mrs. s. Diesel be harvested for her fruits she was a beautiful girl that smells very nice, she wears very frosty makeup and is a very nice sized girl, she will be remembered for being very easy to grow and took her trimmings and training very well. Good bye S. Diesel you will be remembered for a little while at least until I finish consuming youโ€‹:yum::flushed:


We take a big PUFF in her honor :thinking::neutral_face:

Dude, I love you posts! :v: :white_flower: Enjoy! I bet itโ€™s smells so full of Diesel :fuelpump:, my favorite smell.

Rest in jars ? Amen.


Thanks man she will always be remembered @

Thanks @kmac03 I really appreciate that I like reading yours as well.

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She will absolutely rest in pieces and in jars but not filled with formaldehyde :joy: @

@Skysthelimit Nice Sticky Grow looks tasty