Chopped my strawberry cough

Hi All,
I chopped my strawberry cough yesterday. I noticed while I did trimming a strong berry, sweet
smell. Gorgeous smell, made me drool. How is everyone else doing?


Congrats on the successful harvest! I can’t wait to try growing that one again. Mine got chopped down a little early last time. :rage:

My mom named me as her weed caregiver, so around Christmas time I’ll be able to legally grow! :green_heart:


Beth I’m my 8th week of flowering. I’m using a hydroponic system. Did you go 10 or 11 weeks
before harvesting? When you miked the trikes were they Amber if so what percentage ?

I apologize to you and some other friends on this site. Just after I chopped that one I had to go to Tenn to be with my sister. She has been very sick, not Covid. My sister has an aggressive tumor in her brain and this whole time has been exceedingly stressful. To be honest I don’t remember the grow.