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Hi everyone, so I’m in day 52 with my gorilla glue autoflowers. What do you think? I gave it all Recharge, cal Mag and fertilizer with zero Nitrogen but it had Potassium in it. RHumidity fluctuates around 50%, I water around every 3rd day or so. Temp is between 72-80, ph water is about 6.2-6.5. I’m getting sporadic yellow leaves here and there. I feel like I’m doing everything right and my conditions are really good, what do you think? How long do I have? I’ve NEVER done this before. What should I be looking out for? Thanks!


This can be a sign of nitrogen deficiency or of over fertilization. If accompanied early by browning and necrosis of the leaf tips then you may be over fertilizing. I do not really see burnt tips or necrosis so that leaves absence of N.
Time left = first watch the pistils…they are the first indicator of aging. As they start to brown out, you then start looking at the trichomes…there should be NO MORE NEW white pistil growth…trikes - GG4 is a sativa dominant strain. You can let them mature longer than indica so watch for MILKY trichomes as your indicator to harvest

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@Marijuana_dan (I dont grow Ruderalis) Looks like you may be overwatering., which can lead to deficiency & or excess…, By looks Potassium, Zinc, Molybdenum, nitrogen., but they are Ruderalis so it may just be a short cycle type… :sunglasses: