Change 12/12 to 8/16 during heat

With record heat my plants seem to be rushing flower. As much as I ice them and keep them cool, they feel this heat.

I was thinking about reducing the light to 8 on and 16 off to maybe mimic cool fall weather so they can finish bloom.

White Widow Auto and DeeLite Auto - Day 56
Trichomes are milky with no amber

Has anyone tried this?


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Hi @deborahmarie369

If you’re growing autos, they will flower irregardless of light schedule.
Photos are different, and the light schedule shouldn’t be messed with.

You could adjust the lighting time for heats sake, but they will continue to flower as they are.

It sounds like they’re nearly finished from your description of the trichomes anyway.

Reducing the light will help on my energy bill and cool my environment. The tent is inside.

I think I will reduce it.

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Yes, you can do that.
It may just delay your harvest time a couple days.

Keep an eye on those trichomes.
They can turn from milky to amber quickly.
Sounds like you’re close

Delay harvest? No way. I’m out of stash. :laughing:

Thanks for that tip.

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You’re playing around with a dying plant. Watch leaves for loss of green, which is the solar panel. Also watch carefully for the plant to stop drinking. If water uptake drops a bunch, she is gone.

The leaves on the DeeLite Auto have yellowed a lot. I attributed it to heat and being close to harvest.

Good tip about the water. I am feeding plain water every other day. The buds seem fat and fattening, so I’m erring on the side of caution to continue the current path.

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Just looked at this again. I realized I hadn’t paid close attention to the age of your plant, just keep watching and if it uses water, gets to the stage where it’s leaves are praying, it’s still in the game. You want to get it at least to a full ten weeks since sprout, or your yield is likely to be lousy. My most mature plant at the moment, among three the same age, is 73 or so days, and I’m hoping she will take water until at least day 77, because each day is added weight as buds ripen. She has almost no fan leaves left, I take yellowed leaves off, but the buds still have some new green, and engorging.

My other two are a week or so behind, maybe more.

If you’re totally out, you can always sample a nug, but you’re at the stage now where you waste a lot of potential yield by rushing.

I just sampled a nug of the White Widow. I am impressed!

Good stuff. :rofl:

I notice a difference every day as they have more time to ripen. Worth the wait.

I realized yesterday I needed to begin to get rid of fan leaves a few at a time. I am not pushing either plant. This heat is real. Growing is fun, but not in the summer when it is indoors. Winter will be easier to manage.

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Yes, heat and humidity can be tough to manage. My three that are a bit past ten weeks yellowed noticeably in the last two days. I’m in an old house, second floor, and it got into the high eighties in here despite a window ac running full blast. It’s hot.

Yeah, I only grow during the winter months.
Good idea

Now that I can sample nugs as I go I’m letting them both take their time. White White’s sugar leaves are turning brown. The leaves are changing to fall colors. I’m trimming more and more.

I enjoy the taste and effect of White Widow so much I took a clone yesterday. It looks okay today.

DeeLite Auto is slower and may need 2 weeks longer than the WW.

The trichomes have no amber, so I will give it as long as it takes.

This is truly a fun, unique experience. I enjoy my plants and what they teach me.

Trying to clone auto’s won’t work it’s 1 of the trade off’s of auto’s.

This is true… they can survive but its follows the same schedule as the mother. So it would probably produce more still attached. Get you some photos!! Only takes one good one.

You have taken a clone from a auto and it lived to flowering? I like to see some pictures.

I have also been fighting the heat in my grow room as well I have 5 autos and that are turning 4 weeks into flower tomorrow and the 7 other are photos that are still in veg I will be separating them when I flip to 12/12 so I can keep the autos on 18/6 , ok back to the hear now I no expert this will be my third harvest and my first one with my AC unit for the grow room not working so on the extra hot days I’ve turned the intensity of the lights down I’m hoping that bothers the girls less then getting too hot will

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Have you tried using flexible ducting to route the cooled air from the A/C directly into the tent?