CBD White Widow not germinating

I bought a ton of feminized seeds from HGC last April and 5 days ago started 4 GSC seeds and 4 CBD White Widow seeds following Kyle Kushman’s videos exactly.

The GSC germinated like crazy. I left them in the paper towels a day too long because I was hoping the WW would catch up. However, the WW is not germinating. One seed appears to have a tail beginning to poke out, but nada from the others.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Get the sprouted seeds in. Add some kelp and molasses (some sugar) to kick start the WW. Then again, this is why they have the guarantee. I have had to use it for my GG4 Auto.


Thank you for replying.

Planted the GSC, so feeling good about those babies.:slightly_smiling_face:
I started all the seeds by soaking in water with kelp and used the same for moistening the towels.

Any chance honey would provide the necessary glycogen in a form the seeds can absorb? I’m a beekeeper, so love using my bees’ handiwork whenever I can. Also, it would take a few days to get the proper molasses.

Assuming I would add the kelp and molasses (honey?) to water and use the concoction to moisten the towels. Or do you suggest soaking them again?

Thanks again for your help!

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Honey works. Glucose is glucose is glucose. Small amount. Do not resoak - they can drown if they have opened microscopically. Just damp towel that was dipped in sugar * kelp


Thank you. Trying it now.

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No mojo on the CWW. I’m starting over with new seeds. Cat ate 2 of my GSC seedlings :grimacing:, so moved the set-up to a closed room. Also soaking some chocolope seeds so I’ll have a selection of plants if they all sprout. The GSC is a confidence booster because it did exactly what it was supposed to do.
Thank you again for your help.