CBD plants vs high THC plants. Any difference in judging trichomes?

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I’m new here and I’d like to ask y’all a question.
I’m growing out my first CBD plant. (a 30:1 Ratio from homegrowncannabis).
When I judge my THC strains by the trichomes I look to go around 25 - 30% amber on the trichomes. I grow for relief from pain and seizures so I even go to 50% on some strains.
Here’s my question. I’ve been reading that when judging a high CBD plant by the trichomes, you don’t want to allow the trichs to amber up hardly at all. I was told that contrary to my other strains, when you go into amber your actually degrading the CBD in the plant.
Is there any difference in judging optimal harvest time by looking at the trichomes on THC vs CBD plants?

Thanks for any help you might offer.
Glad to join in the forum. Looking forward to this.
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Fromm what I have heard and done, THC is lower when harvested earlier but if the strain has less than 1% THC and very high CBD then it doesn’t matter if you harvest later or sooner since the THC is so low it won’t have any psychoactive effect. CBD increase as plants age so you’re better off waiting until all trichomes are cloudy with some yellow/amber or even more

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Thanks @Mrb53004
Yeah. This is the first, virtually, straight CBD girl I’ve grown.
The suggestion was that it seems to be contrary with CBD strains. Instead of going into amber for more CBD, you harvest in clear to cloudy for the highest % CBD. As soon as you see amber your supposedly loosing CBD.
I, personally, think it should be the same despite the strain.
A trichome should be the same indicator no matter what.
Thanks again.

I grew Dr Seedsman 30:1 way before HGCC came out with 30:1. I also grew Pure Red 20:1 - both thc <1%…I let it go the same as I would any canna plant…milky and a little more on the trikes. Cane out really mind blowing. Was one of the best pain relievers and anxiety reducers I ever had. Better than any CBD gummy, extract, tincture. THe Pure red did not even taste like weed. More like pipe tobacco…smooth like silk, fine french wine. I have CBD Kush in now, will see where that goes…more thc but I am adding both 30 & 20 to 1 to my grow from here on out as permanents
I would really like your opinion on HGCC 30:1 seeds

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Thanks @Mrb53004
Yeah, I have some seeds from Seedsman. From what I’ve seen they have great genetics.
They still offer a 30:1 fem. I still have several of my Ratio seeds but that would be cool to try.

@BudFarmer to harvest at peak ripeness for cbd it is the same as thc if you’re growing for personal use. The amber is all about preference but both thc and cbd will be at their peak with all milky white trichomes and no cbn.

Cbd will begin to degrade over time as trichomes amber as well.

Another thing to consider as well when looking into using cbd is the breakdown of cbd post harvest and how you intend to use it. Cbd degrades quickly after harvest if not stored properly and a cold slow dry is even more important with cbd than it is for thc. If making oils the best carrier oil to use for cbd is MCT because it is the most stable and shows the least amount of degradation when exposed to light oxygen and higher temps.

Best temp to store cbd oils or flower is 5c/40f as it minimizes the degradation of cbd over time in studies even with both exposure to light and oxygen.

Oils you want to use within the first month after making them even when stored properly. Flower should be stored in a freezer after cure for long term storage if it isn’t going to be used within a few months.

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Thanks @MDBuds
That helps a lot. I appreciate the response.

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