Carbon filter and when to turn it on

Hello into my first grow. It’s going well temp and humidity are with in a good range. I am only growing 1 plant as a trial run. I am beginning to get a light aroma I was just someone can help me. I am asking for advice of when to turn on carbon filter? Meaning at what stage and when to switch from lo to high on fan.

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Starting to smell now? Well, now is good time to turn it on! I keep my exhaust fan on for the entire grow, with the carbon filter. You need to have air exchange in the tent anyways. It gets rid of the smell, and adjust the fan speed depending on temps and humidity.

I also have a small fan on low for air movement under the canopy, plugged into the same timer as the lights…lights on, fan on…but the filter fan is always on.

Thanks so much I’ll turn it on. My only concern is that my temp and humidity is spot on. When I’ve had it on for a test run humidity plummets and the soil drys out quickly. Any suggestions are welcome

Also I have a few yellow pin spots on the latest leaves any thoughts?

I just turned on my carbon filter after a month or so. I really started to notice a smell when coming in from outdoors.
Just in case I have visitors :slight_smile:
The smell went away over night on my small two plant grow

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Well, things are a’changing! A new variable has entered the little formula - odour!

If your tent is starting to smell, you need to either clean the air or mask it. You don’t want stinky air to exit the tent. It doesn’t need to be much, but sucking air out thru the filter will create a negative pressure in the tent, drawing clean air in thru vents or pinholes or anywhere it’s not airtight. You don’t need to crank the fan on high, but you do need it to go thru the filter. I can set my AC Infinity between 0 and 10 (0 is off, which is what I have now just so I can see how cold it is in my garage!), and 10 sounds like a jet can hear it thru the house! Usually have it at around 4, crank it higher when it heats up.

Years ago I had a product called Non-Scents (or something like that) I think they were ionized rocks of some sort, white little pebbles in an mesh bag. They were supposed to absorb weed odours. Could look into something like that, maybe?

Yellow spots… @MDBuds I think posted something with common problems/deficiencies/pest signs with pictures to help folks diagnose, Upload pics, and folks will want to know strain, grow medium/soil brand, type of lights, nutes used, feeding schedule, temp and rh.

And whether you are in a legal grow state…if you are, screw the neighbours! Lol! I used to stink up the entire building when I harvested. No complaints, just some always looking for handouts!

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@Mikemass8 high or low doesn’t matter when it comes to odor control.

As @spudgunner stated your best bet for odor control is an exhaust fan with a carbon filter.

If that isn’t an option for you now and you need a less expensive alternative they make activated charcoal bags that work pretty well. I personally prefer the organic bamboo ones.

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@Mikemass8 you’ll need to add some photos and more information so people can help. There are lots of issues that can cause yellow spots so we’d need your light info, day and night temps, day and night humidity, feeding schedules, watering schedule, substrate, substrate ph, and the nutrients you’re using.