Can't get in to make a diary!

Can’t fill in your diary as my seeds are not in your drop-down and you don’t offer the alternative of entering your own strain. So you only cover grows from YOUR seeds is that it? I see now it says “for customers of HomeGrown Cannabis Co.” …and therefore no one else?

You can try putting the strain as the headline of the grow. I found that all alternatives with entering seeds, lighting, grow areas and nutes were not listed. I made notes on weekly pictures for info rather than the listed items.

OK, thanks. Yet it doesn’t sound very useful that way. I think Kyle is the greatest but can’t seem to participate in any of his programs unless I start buying seeds from him. After going thru 53 seeds to produce a half dozen plants which are now all dyeing I’m really wondering why I bother trying to grow now. I went biologic with added mycorrhizae the last two seasons only to apparently ruin my soil with the leftover rhizome threads clogging up the soil and holding water so stubbornly that despite all my efforts at aerating, the plants are slowly drowning. I also f’d up my shoulder in a bike crash so I’m down for the count this season anyway and feeling doubtful about trying again. After six seasons now I’ve never produced any flower that was “medicinal” by itself, I’ve had to blend back in to the ground flower about 20% of it’s own dry ice extracted keif to make something useful.

I agree, not useful. I’m sorry for your troubles. It seems when it rains, it pours. I have made suggestions in the past about this topic to diary feedback. Maybe it could change or we can be able to edit from the list, if we give enough feedback. I hope you change minds on growing as it seems you love to have the green thumb. I also hope these troubles provide good things to you, ten fold.

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Here is just a quick thought why not try starting your grow inside for a while in a place where you can start your seeds with the help of an incubator. Start those little girls and move them up in pot sizes get some lights to help in Veg and see what you can do. There is a lot of info here on inside grows. Then when you have them in a big pot just dig a huge hole hopefully you dig the hole while the girls are growing look at some of the ways to add amendments to the soil all around the planting spot the throw in a bag micro nutrients a little macro booster and POW! things should happen.

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I like the way you think! Especially the ‘Pow’ part. We haven’t had much excitement in a while around here. :rofl::v:

Well you got the seeds to start growing sounds like kyle done his job i have got over 50 seeds from HCC and only have two bad seeds just thought I would put that out there

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It’s why I don’t normally comment as I’ve not had any issues and when I do, it’s definitely user error.

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I’m an experienced grower Raymond, I already start indoors. It’s been in recent years I’ve gone to a one transplant only approach for my photo-period girls and spend less and less time indoors since spring weather here (SoCal Coastal) is conducive to it. See my explanation about my ruining my soil elsewhere on this site. Thanks for your concern