Cannabis growers union

It needs to be started, before all your hard work and love you put into your product is worth pennies on the dollar., this goes for Large operations. WHY SHOULD THE GROWER LIVE IN SQUALOR?, WHILE THE Conglomerate’s/CONSUMER GETS ALL THE BENEFITS?, I get helping those that need it or the sick., which is honorable. But the TALENT which is the GROWER needs paid., I see just as much as a chiropractor or dentist would make., maybe not quite as much as a surgeon yet that is debatable since the money involved is ASTRONOMICAL!


A grower’s union? That’s a stretch. Sure it requires some talent, but literally ANYONE can quickly learn this talent. It may indirectly save lives, but ANYBODY can do it. A child, a teen, an elderly person…ANYBODY can do it.

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The dry and the cure is the art my friend happy growing


As can anyone drive or talk, or shoot a gun! But only few are truly “INCLINED” or “SKILLED”, I bet you can fish as well, but can you do more than get your line wet?, hell I even bet you can throw a ball, but can u throw 95mph accurately?


The dry and cure is definitely an “ART”, yet you have to have a quality product that comes from a process that involves “TALENT”!


My state licensed me to grow weed for a patient of theirs but I can’t ask for any money in return. Unless my last name is LLC. I’ll sign. :fist: :muscle: :+1:

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We need a constitutional amendment. :loudspeaker:

“Cannabis, being necessary for the regulation of the endocannabinoid system of the people, the right of the people to grow and consume cannabis shall not be infringed.”

Did you know, the word cannabis comes from the Greek word “κάνναβις” meaning “cannabis”. Like there was already a word for it when we started writing words. And it was known then as a medicine.


@CkNugz i agree with you :100: percent it’s all an art and yes you have to grow top quality and i agree that everyone can’t do that.what i was trying to do was get @bronxgold show use how good he is we need to see some pictures of the master grower

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Well, I’ve been looking for a part-time job for when I retire this summer. There are jobs in the cannabis industry in my town, but they pay minimum wage and are 10 hour shifts of hard labour. Only the management gets a good salary.

Like the wine industry, they probably pay the sommelier a good wage, but the people who pick and stomp the grapes, not much.

Thus those that pick and stomp grapes, need to stop doing so until a proper wage is paid along with benefits.

Oh, I thot I was doing this for a hobby and the joy of growing my own smoke inexpensively! I’ve made my own wine at those cork-it places and boiled hops to make beer as a kid too, all for the joy of the end product.
There were times back in the late 80’s tho where you could get $2800/lb…not a bad wage back then!

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Always a joy!, $2800 in the 80’s is alot, Dispensaries now though, get $6400 a pound…

Holy shit 6400 a pound that’s crazy

Couple months ago, my buddy at the local hydro store showed me a pound he picked up for $600Canadian, that’s like 500 US. That was dispensary quality. Up here, I can buy an ounce for $100 from the Government weed store (plus 12% tax!), or I can get it delivered from online for 80.

Guess I’m spoiled here if I wanted to buy weed. The 4-plant limit sux for growing, imho.