Can you reuse soil?

I am sure that this has been asked, so my apologies in advance. However, I am wondering if I can reuse or recycle the soil used with previous plants?

Assuming that the Experts say “yes,” then my game plan was to add another bag of worm castings, as well as some Gaia Green 4-4-4 and 8-2-4 soil amendments.


@rodenya01 yes you can recycle soil. It just needs to be composted or sterilized first then reamended.


Cool! Thank you for the response.


Thank you. This is something I wondered about.

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Yes you most certainly can. Your on the right track adding your dry amendments and castings is a perfect way to re amp your soils nutes. I do it frequently…just keep an eye on your soil ph levels the first couple waterings just to make sure everything’s balanced out properly! Good luck :+1:


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hi mike, similar question, i have 1/2 large gag of un used ffof, i just opened it it smells like sulfur/ stagnant water… should i rinse with peroxide before using?

sorry md, i was talking to another ‘‘mike’’ while typing, multitasking is bad…

@mikes you can sterilize with H202, bake it, or compost it. To compost it put it in a composter or tarp then aerate it adding some sugars and keep it moist to bring back the aerobic microbial life and mychorrizae. Once it smells like the forest after the rain again with that method it is ready.


thank you! :v: mutch appreciated!

What if you just want to reuse the soil in the regular outdoor veggie garden. Still sterilize etc., or just shake out the root balls and move on?

@GrnyGrows sterilization is only necessary if you have pathogens or pests. If the soil is healthy you can just drop it straight in the garden on the top soil.

I just prefer composting when reusing the same soil to grow the same plants because the lack of biodiversity makes it easier for potential pathogens and pests to take hold.

Got ya. I just can’t stand waste and with all this red clay around here – good dirt is really important, even if I have to amend. I think putting it in with the compost sounds good. A little recharge.

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