Can yall tell me if I have a male here

These are my first ever grows new Virginia law says I can grow.

Hope I’m freaking out for no reason but I think I am seeing small pods of 3 of the 4. All help is needed and appreciated PopPop

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@PopPop65 bottom photo I see a teardrop shaped bract in the node which is usually a good sign for a female once stigmas show from the pistils…


I’d give it a little more time to be sure but ima thinkin thats a lady.


looks like a girl to me

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I agree with them. Female in the one picture. Glad to see a fellow Virginian.

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@PopPop65 Looks like a female to me also. I just culled a male from my greenhouse. It had just started to set pollen sacs. I circled the pollen sac.