Can’t place order

Anyone else having trouble trying to place orders no one answer phone message saying no support workers available please call back been calling over 16 made order with check not processed tried debit card can’t get it processed called all day help this is ridiculous Steve

@Steve1 first can you double check you are using the right site and number? Up in the top right corner of their site there is a button drop down to select EU or USA. Make sure you have USA selected so that you can get the right information and seeds for the US distribution.

Also, if you call you will be connected with Barcelona more than likely and sometimes that communication gap makes things difficult. I have also noticed with phone orders that sometimes it won’t go through so I just use their online order system myself.

Yes I have placed orders before no problems got threw yesterday used my debit card to place order said it would send email never did tried again with check same thing have been calling same number as I did yesterday and on the bottom of bill could you try to call it see what happens automatically goes to message thanks buddy

Thanks for your help I appreciate it have great weekend I love the looks of my gold leaf and cbd fruit cheese/cream &cheese got gold leaf drying now here is picture of each !thanks for your help image|375x500


Good morning all, Responding back to your question about ordering beans .
They are extremely busy with the promotion of 420 going on. I did finally get through yesterday after calling a day and a half . I was informed they are swamped with orders at this time of the year . I have not received my verification email yet but I have ordered from this establishment before . They are a very well organized outfit will take very good care of you .

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