Can someone tell me what this symptoms is

Ok so I’m in week 5 flower, buds are growing but seem real slow the top growth leaves are like this not all of them, alittle droppy bottom grow is still green.i did order pk booster.just trying to find the exact issue

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@NATHAN33 looks and sounds like a calcium deficiency. A good feed with some calcium should perk the leaves and flowers back up but it won’t repair the damage since calcium is immobile inside the plant.

Just watch the top/new growth and as soon as the damage slows or stops with no new spots you’ll know the deficiency has been addressed.

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The most common deficiency is calcium. The blotching on the leaves is similar to another common deficiency, phosphorus… these symptoms can look very similar.

Potassium is the other big one… i generally see that start rusting around the edges.

Your plant to me looks potassium deficient and also phosphorus and/or calcium deficient. If a plant is too deficient of magnesium also, nutrient lock out will be a problem… ie… slow growth.

I would start with cal/mag and increase pk through wk 7. The next few weeks should see some stacking.

Some buds don’t look like much and then weeks 6-10 they really dense up. Just depends on the strain and how long it takes them to get through stretch. I like to really judge the plant from when the pistils really start appearing…. From there most the strains I grow are 8-10 weeks from that point. So if you are in 5th week since flip then they don’t look too bad.

Should I flush the plants before giving them. Calcium

Thanks for the advice I order some boost pk it will be here tommorow it’s beastie bloom hopefully it brings them back

Do I just add cal mag in plain ph water with the extra pk inside with it

Deficiencies can be deceiving. Maybe. Flush it yes. Did you overfeed it?

@NATHAN33 not usually no unless you have a potassium or phosphorus excess causing lockout. Calcium and magnesium are the first things that usually get locked out when the pH shifts during lockout.

If it is a phosphorus excess causing lockout you’ll see symptoms of all deficiencies except phosphorus and nitrogen and the top new growth will have thin blades with intraveinal chlorosis and the bottom leaves will be a very deep dark green almost a bluish color, they will curl, and they will develop dark brown spots that will turn into necrosis.

If it’s potassium excess it will look like you’re deficient in all micros (cal, mag, zinc, iron, manganese, etc…) and you’ll have thing bladed new growth.

If it is a lockout yes flush before feeding.

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Being that far into flower I bet anything its phos she needs signs when she starts sucking nutrients from the fan leaves