Can someone please explain this to me?

okay so for outdoor yield its a very simple 10 ounce per plant potential. Im growing indoor and I have a very hard time understanding math and numbers. It’s an actual learning disability I struggled with my whole life. Can someone please explain to me what that equation means and what the heck is the difference between the two? thank you all

Expect to harvest 450-500 grams (a pound to a pound an a bit) for every square meter (39"x39") of tent space. Or about 1.5 ounces for every square foot of tent space you have. First is a metric measurement, second is Imperial.
So if you had a 4x4 tent, that’s 16 square feet, you could expect 24 ounces coming from the tent. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 massive plant in there or 10 little plants, the yield should be about the same. Outdoors you aren’t limited by space or light, sunlight will be same intensity across all plants, so they provide yields based on each plant instead of your indoor grow area.
Take those yields with a grain of salt too. Like car efficiency, miles per gallon is under ideal conditions…optimal temperature, expert driver accelerating at pre-determined rates. You will never get what they publish, but it’s a ballpark for comparison between strains.
It’s better to do a lesser number of plants and let them get bigger. In a 4x4 tent, I run 4 plants and hope to get 3 to 4 ounces per plant. Too many plants are hard to water, train (LST), defoliate, etc. And at $10 per seed, you don’t want to drop 15 in there if you can get away with 4 an get the same yield.

Hope this helps explain things!


thank you so much for the answer! Yeah that does clarify things alot for me thank you. So what I have right now is two autoflowers in the tent that will be ready to harvest by mid to late january and I have two seedlings of normal photoperiod plants. I have them in there at the same time because my logic was at the rate im growing them, the autos will be coming down around the same time that the others get switched into flowering. being that you can keep autos in heavier light, I have it set to 6 hours off and 18 on. Honestly after not yielding anything over half an ounce or so per plant due to my stupidity with my light, Im looking forward to seeing how well these will do now.


What light are you using in what space. This helps

4x4 mars hydro tent and mars hydro tsw2000 light

Remember, it isn’t the tent space, but the amount of space the canopy covers in the tent.
And I’ve never found the seed banks yield estimate/claims to have anything to do with actual results . . . genetics are important, but environment and training are what determines your final results. I run 4 at a time in a 5x5 room, photoperiod only, with proper LST I average 8-12 ounces per plant without overcrowding the space. I get about half of that yield when I top and don’t LST.
Also the TSW2000 is a good 3x3 lamp, but needs help to flower a full 4x4 canopy of photoperiods . . . this will impact yields also. It might carry autos through but I don’t grow them and can’t say about that.

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the goal is to get a second light of the same kind, or to upgrade this one to have the next higher up from mars hydro so i only need one light instead of two. but for now Im only doing 4 plants in hereso hopefully the one light will be enough for that in the space at least. Im hoping to do my upgrade potentially for christmas so fingers crossed it works out then I have nothing to worry about.

You should be fine with 4, keep them a bit smaller. I tried a full 4x4 canopy under the TSW2000, about 25-30% of the buds were noticeably lacking in bulk/density compared to the branches that were more centered under the lamp. I still use mine as a backup/veg lamp sometimes . . . as for the upgrade I’d suggest buying a single lamp to cover a 4x4 space and keep old lamp as a spare, or use it to add a separate veg area if you’re growing photoperiod.


yeah I was thinking the same for the light. Probably going to spend the little extra to get that so that god forbid anything happens to it or whatever, i have the original as back up. Fingers crossed it all works out.

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Get the same if cheaper and run em both. If you get one to use alone use as suggested above or add it as extra supplemental light for the bloom stage

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sorry to be so uninformed here, but when you say Hydro… are you growing ruderalis hydroponically?
I’m growing them in soil.
Will the light situation be the same?

sorry I never got this till now lol two months too late! Anyhow, sorry for the confusion, no im growing in soil. Mars Hydro was the brand name of tent/light.

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