Can somebody help me please!

I bought wedding cake and purple gelato , im doing my pheno hunting but I think something is wrong, check pictures the purple one is wedding the other is Purple G , I’m only two weeks for cutting and don’t understand why is more purple the wedding than the PG . Thanks in advance for any help !!


@Greatvalue even “purple” cultivars will have phenotype variances and not all will be purple. Aside from that even if the genetics are capable of a purple plant sometimes you need to coax it out with environmental manipulation. Have you decreased night time temperatures yet and decreased humidity?


Thanks so much my friend for your help , yeah maybe you’re right because i pop 8 but only 4 are flowering and yes we take down the temperature during the night cycle at 53 F at daytime is 70 F . I’m not complaining about smell or other thing is just that I was expecting to have some purple colors from the beginning cause is a purple cultivar . Thanks a lot man for trying to help , pura vida my friend!!! :pray:t3::+1:t3:


@Greatvalue there is still time to coax out some purple if you have a few weeks left until harvest. You can add uvb for a few hours a day if you have it and bring humidity to between 30-40%. Lower humidity and the cold together signals winter and if the plant has the genes to produce anthocyanins you will start seeing it within a few days.

Also, it’s the root zone temperature that matters when it comes to getting color. Tent can be 53f but the root zone can still be 70f or more. To bring temps down in root zone under 65f to get color you can do cold water waterings or even put ice on the top of your pots and let it melt. Do the cold water watering or lay ice on top of the pots just before lights out.

It forces the plant to produce more resin and it increases anthocyanin production because the plant goes into survival mode. Anthocyanins don’t only protect the plant from uvb they also protect it from frost and cold. The increased resin production also protects from uvb and frost because the plant forces the resin and moisture into the trichomes so if it does frost less of the plant is damaged and it has a higher chance of avoiding cell damage and death from frost.


Thanks so much my friend :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: appreciated very much, I will start doing what you told me , my next cut is on the 13 of this month , you think it will do something having just a few days or will you recommend me to start with that treatment in the next crop ? Can I do the same with the wedding cake and turn it more purple? Sorry my english is a bit broken .


@Greatvalue 9 days is enough to coax some colors. It will definitely help the purple wedding cake get more purple but there is no guarantee it will give the purple Gelato more color if you got a phenotype that can’t genetically produce anthocyanins. It is enough time however to get some color in it if it is genetically capable of producing anthocyanins.

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I hope you always feel safe to speak plainly. @MDBuds won’t steer you wrong. :v::pray:


:sweat_smile: thanks again, i will start ASAP and ill be more than glad and thankful to let you know how i’m doing , wishing you a lot of health, success and good vibes from down here​:costa_rica: to wherever you are :+1:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::v:t3::muscle:t3::call_me_hand:t3: pura vida my friend !!


@Greatvalue same to you. Happy growing. :metal::call_me_hand::v: