Can my plant recover from deficiency?

My plant is a couple weeks into flower and is showing deficiencies. I’m in hydro and using fox farm brand nutrients.

plant looks to be wilting…did you change your nutrients to a stronger solution by chance? In Hydro you can correct from this if you did by just flushing system with just plain water for a few days until plant comes back. I am assuming this is a photo, if this is a auto variety then this could be normal as it approaches the end of it life cycle.

Yeah I changed my nutrients last week and it just got worse

@bejesus check your ph. Looks to me like your plant is getting too much potassium which will cause burning and lockout. Since it won’t be using the extra potassium your solution in the res will increase in pH and be higher than normal.

If you’re only in about week 2 of flower I’d change the res and I’d cut back the flower nutes to 1/4 strength and give an adult dose of the veg/grow nutes.

Things should bounce back and once they are heavier into flower you can increase the bloom and flower nutes at week 3/4.

It might also be a vpd issue. Higher heat lower humidity they eat up nutes too fast and burn easy because of increased transpiration. Smaller feedings will work better until you get your vpd in order. 40% rh at 70-72f day time will help a lot.