Can I use a contractor bag

Can I use a contractor tras bag to cover the plants for darkness in drying

Well it would be dark but your humidity would skyrocket and ruin your bud. You need a dark dry cool place. Below 60%RH and 70dg preferred. I dry in 40%RH and 60dg.


You taking a chance for mold

I used a fridge box once. I lay it sideways and cut a hatch to move the plants in and out. Put it under my deck to stay dry. North side of my house so always in the shade. I poked holes on both ends and loosely top stapled burlap outside to allow good ventilation but block light. I Wanted to sex a new seed run early so I used the box for light deprivation. I assume that’s why you want to cover w black bags.

You could easily keep the box upright and do 1-2 bigger girls in flower easy this way. It would be no more work than pulling bags off and on every day. Just minus the humidity and mold.

Drying. Sorry I did not see that. Someone had the same box idea posted for drying a couple months back. With a fan on top or bottom. I think it was mike…

Thank You all. How about newspaper around the plants as they hang?

It’s the same idea as a fridge box. Why can’t u just kill the lights in your drying area? Windows? Black out the window? Set up a normal small tent? Or grow tent? Too much harvest? A little more info could help. Dim light I wouldn’t add, but it won’t ruin the buds. I have Aquariums (many) in my dry room. The ambient light has never hurt any drying buds for me.

Use a wardrobe box from home depot. Hang them inside it. 17$ with the bar for the extra tall one. If it’s still not tall enough get 2.


I don’t have an available dark place that’s why I asked about the newspaper.

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17$ at home depot. Hang the entire plant upside down in the box. I had 6 plants in this box, whole plants hanging upside down. Then bucked the buds onto my hanging tray and hung in same box. Cut a small hole in side at the bottom and put fan blowing into the hole.


Thank You you Rye thanks for taking the pics.:+1:

I took the wardrobe box and lined it with diamond mylar…I have both a dry booth and a clone / breed box. Cut a flap on one side, added a velcro closure. Can vent from the top if needed, added a hanging bar.


I’m currently drying in a wardrobe moving box from Home Depot…Hanger bar included

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I add frozen gallon containers, in a bowl (water) and use one of those ARTIC FANS (cost me $14 ebay) and my temps stay 55-60 with rh 55-65

Mike,good karma…I just opened up here…Low and behold, here is a remedy to drying buds I gotta try…After the TLC you gave growing them;Just throwing them in a closet seemed sacrilegious…The drying seemed just as important, for a good smoke.
How often you switch out frozen bottles ?

Often enough to keep the temps below 65…Nighttime here has been low to mid 40 so a half gal gets me through the night. Daytime I use plastic gal and put it next to the intake part of the fan. Our daytime has been 50-70…so 1 or 2 (every 8 hrs basically) 7am, 2pm, 8pm

I’ve decided to try 30 gallon,paper , leave bags . This would be easier than the newspaper method. Switching out bottles of ice seems like a lot of work.

Once, every 8 hours, is NOT that much to me. I check my plants that often so it is always on the way. I have a spot in the freezer for 2 containers and just switch one out in the round robin…I spend more time looking at my plants to see HOW MUCH they have grown than I do swapping out 1 container that CURES my dope


Well now that you told me how often that’s not bad. Thank You Mike

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I will try that…thanks