Can I plant outside yet

A few years ago I planted runtz clones outside on 420, they started to flower, reveged and did the whole deformed leaves thing.

So the past few years I waited until Cinco de mayo. This year I have multiple buddies who just planted outside on 420 after I warned them not to.

So my question is am I wrong for waiting. Is the re veg thing even that bad. Plants turned out fine in the end.

For reference my latitude is 37 degrees north, plants in question are McFritter from elevate seeds, blackberry rocks from bsb genetics and sleepy joe from amnesia seeds all feminized They been vegging 16 on 8 off for coming up on six weeks. Forecast shows sunny for the next week, lowest low is 46 highest high is 85 Fahrenheit

Yall convince me I’m being an idiot and I’ll throw my plants outside tomorrow

I just put mine out, now tonight the low is 36. I think I should have waited to the 1st of May, Good luck let know what you learn, Ric (VA)

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Reveging is completely fine. Just takes a little longer to get to harvest. But as you said they turned out good.
IMO you’re not too late. Low in the 40’s and high in the 80’s is probably your biggest challenge. That’s a big swing, so my best advice would be to pay attention to the strains you plant ensuring the genetics can handle the temperature and humidity swings.
Happy growing :fire::fire: