Can anyone tell me

I was just wondering if my plant just got to stressed or what. Will it continue to flower just with seeds, or will it go all male?

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there is not enough view to see what you mean. I see female flowers, not sure about any male sacks…A plant does NOT TURN MALE. It can have Hermies but you just clip them off. The female part will stay sensimilla as long as no pollen gets on her pistils. Rinsing with water will flush off any pollen on the plant.
Take another picture, showing from top down, more of the plant, closer on the nodes…
If you see balls, just pinch them off. They could be swollen female sacs, see if pistils come out the tips


any other tips would be greatly appreciated

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Too much light or a genetic defect?

Hope you don’t mind my question, @Coco22, I’m learning from you.

I’m honestly not sure they are autos, so I don’t think the light schedule matters to much. I’m feeding 3 part cultivation nation setting water ph to around 6.5 they seam to be growing fine but I’m not an expert by any means. Any tips would be greatly appreciate

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I’m definitely not auto expert. I meant to tag others. Looks like she’s budding, right? I can’t see closer, but it’s the issue that it has seeds or is that what you are asking?

Is it possible for a closer image of the buds?

Looks like a female to me. The bud sites on the main stalks are deceiving sometimes. All of my females autos have looked similar.


It’s not a big deal if they get seed to me on this grow I wouldn’t mind setting some back. I’m more or less just curious if that’s what’s happening or not.

Them is bubs forming

Not going hermaphrodite?

when I download and do a closeup of the upper apical bud, I might be seeing some nanners…Nanners can hermie and make seeds but they can also just leave these banana looking sacks on the buds. Nanners come for a few reasons. Stress, from too much light/sun / close to a bulb, heat. It can also be the strain - genetics, just built in to the plant. If the parent had hermies, then the chance of the offspring making hermies is greater. Some of the best bud I grew had nanners and did some seeding (loved it for the fem seeds)…GG4…The buds closest to the lights nannered…Only about 20% of my plants but in a large grow (was a crop of 40-50 plants), that is a substantial amount. The harvested bud was superb, better than the rest

@Coco22 they don’t look seeded to me but one way to tell is to squeeze a calyx in your fingers. A calyx with no seed that is just the bract and stigma will be soft and squish with very little pressure. If it is seeded the bract will be hard and the stigma will have turned brown since the stigma will wither away after pollination. It will be much harder to squeeze it and you might potentially hear or feel a pop if the seed inside breaks.

Thank you that was very helpful

Honestly those look like big female flowers to me. There may be a nanner in there but its doubtful.

Stress is the fundamental cause of hermaphroditic plants, or 'hermies. A few examples of stressors would be not enough water, too much water, not enough nutrients, or too much heat. It can happen at any time in the life cycle of a plant from a new plant to a very mature one. The female plant will develop male flowers in response to stress, to ensure seeds are produced before the environmental trigger can kill the plant . :facepunch::fire::v: