Can anyone diagnose this on the leaves?

plant leaves

I can’t find anything that resembles this.

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Welcome to the community @tjvpga !

Did this happen suddenly? Does the white stuff rub off between your fingers dry, or wet-fingers? Is it all over the plant or just a couple of leaves?

@MDBuds @Mrb53004 have you seen anything like this?

@spudgunner @tjvpga the picture is too blurry for me to make out what it is. First impression is a fungal or bacterial infection but I need a better photo of the leaf in focus and one of the whole plant to better help diagnose.

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@tjvpga here you go


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@Daddy1971 this was my first impression too. I just want to be sure it wasn’t something else because I can see yellow, gray, and brown in there as well which can mean it might be leaf septoria, botrytis, fusarium, or bacterial wilt as well. I definitely Need more photos to narrow it down.

Yes @MDBuds i agree need more pics to confirm @tjvpga could have multiple probably going on causing the problems

Looks like.w bird.pooped on ur plant.