Can anyone diagnose problem

I am pretty sure its pests doing this but the discoloration has me concerned

Yes you need to treat for pests.

Caterpillars? Anyone? I’m not an outside cannabis grower, but they’ve attacked my other plants before and that looks similar.

Thanks. I used neem oil…someone said thats about useless and suggested 1 part rubbing alcohol and 9 part water solution. I have stronger pesticides but i dnt want to spray my plant with that stuff

If it were me, I’d forgo alcohol since that form isn’t natural to a plant, but you know how opinions are. Have you looked for them? Is it on any other plants? @MDBuds, what say you?

Im a noob and i was given 1 clone by a neighbor. This is my practice plant before i start indoor grow. If you have any suggestions… please im all ears. I researched a ton about growing but not to much about IPM or pest managemenr in general.

I don’t have enough experience with outdoor and @MDBuds works a lot, so try his link here:

If you have questions, someone will answer, but keep in mind it’s a holiday weekend here in the States so I’m not sure when the other outdoor growers will wander through. They are also contending with wildfires/drought conditions, etc on top of the regular growing season. I’m just asking for patience on their behalf. Hope you don’t mind. :v:

@Headbanginghippie can you take a few more photos please?

From the one posted it looks like a fungal/bacterial infection and pests but I’d need a few more photos to be 100%.

Preferably one from the underside of the affected leaves and one closer from the top. Also another one or two further away showing the whole plant and the stalk and stems.

Many pests bring other diseases with them so you will need to treat both the pests and infection simultaneously.

Another thing you can do to verify if it is fungal/bacterial is rub if between your fingers. If it rubs off and leaves a white or brownish chalky residue on your hands it is indeed a fungal/bacterial infection.

You can also look at it through a scope and if you see what looks like a fuzzy sphere with craters in it on a stalk then it’s definitely fungal.

Once you are able to post a few more photos I can diagnose it better tell you how to treat it.

Here is the closest thing I could find to match your issue

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If u zoom in on the stem u can see brown spots. When i went to take these pics i had very very small flys on the plant. Im just guessing but it looks like fungus knats. The first problem from the start was my neighbor told me to use organic miracle grow. One of my waterings was heavy. Then it rained the next two days. I let that pot dry out good. I stuck my finger as far down the 5 gall pot as i could to see if it was dry and it dried. Its hard for me to tell by weight because its heavy all the time.that irganic miracle grow was very moist out of the bag so the soil was somewhat packed down at transplant time. Very hard to judge. All i can say is i dnt water it often after that heavy watering and the plant has showed no sign of dehydration. Just slowing growth when its dry. Very hard to fully dry. Also, the pot was sitting on top of pressed down high grass that was decomposing under the pot. It had a rotting smell when i lifted the pot. I put it on a riser an inch off the ground. I may have pruned it too soon and a little high. It shouldnt start initiating flower cycle for about 4 weeks where i live in the northeast.i did kushman chiropractics successfully 2 weeks ago and i think that may have been early too. Thats about my entire journal in a nutshell. Other than trying to incoculate the soil with microbes using fox farm microbe brew and spraying neem oil a few times. I also used a hardcore insecticide on all the plantlife in a 5 foot radius of the plant itself but not on the plant directly as well as put petroleum jelly on the outside of the pot to keep slugs from climbing in

@Headbanginghippie that’s leaf septoria aka yellow leaf spot and some insect damage. Likely caterpillars as @Mrb53004 suggested or beetles/crickets.

Caterpillars, beetles, crickets, and other pests can bring fungal infections with them.

I’d suggest using a milk spray to treat and prevent the fungus spreading since you already treated for the pests. Remove the leaves that have the worst infection and spray the plant with a 50/50 mix of milk and distilled water left to sit out at room temperature for a few hours. You can used steamed milk too if you have a tea kettle or similar. Spray the entire plant from stalk to tip getting the tops and undersides of the leaves.

Leaf septoria can be prevented but once it sets in it is difficult to get rid of entirely so it’s best to just remove the infected leaves and use preventative measures so if doesn’t return and infect the healthy leaves.

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