California Outdoor flowering time Information

I would say the best time for flower development in California would be perhaps Aug 15 tru like the third week of October and remember this typically tends with mostly OGs like my current favorite SFVOG very nice yields.

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I agree, I started to see transition about mid August. Some of my strains, Mango Tango, White Widow should be ready third to forth week of October, I have a Sour Diesel and a Blueberry muffin that look like they will wait until the beginning of November and then there is Platinum Purple Kush that just take forever. she can take 15 -16 weeks :slight_smile:

Thank you for that knowledge, please keep me posted

I tend to agree @Oman_17 but I think this also depends on latitude. I am in Southern California hence our days start getting shorter before Nor Cal. I use Time and Date website to monitor daytime and night time for my area. First signs of flower for my outdoor photoperiod grow was late July to first week of august. This corresponds with increased night time.

The best time for flower/foliage development is during a full moon and October 2020 will see two of them. Oct 1 and Oct 31, the later being a “Blue Moon” which occurs every 2.5 years.

I also monitor moon cycles to help determine the best time to sow, trim, transplant, top and harvest. Flush as the moon becomes full (waxes) and harvest on or near a new moon as the plant will contain less water during this time.

Does anyone else use moon cycles in their growing plan?

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I’ve never used moon cycles, but I will definitely try it now. Thanks :call_me_hand:

Awesome :100:
Sounds good :fire:

HCC has a really good article about Moon Cycles and how to use them to your advantage. Enjoy :v:

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HCC Grandaddy Purple from yesterday 9/25

Trics on the inside starting to get a little amber, lots of white and a few clear sparkly ones…

So no more nutes but all the water she wants for the next 2 weeks then no water for the last week.
New moon is Oct 16, that’s the target date, give or take. Hoping to have more purple by then :crossed_fingers:

She looks good, by now I’m sure your harvested. Hope she smoked wrll

I live in northern California and I agree that August through October are the best outdoor flowering time. After the solstice on June 21. The drop in hrs of are pretty fast. In August they have about 13.5 hrs of sun and they really start to blow up. I appreciate every one who shares there experience and knowledge on this site. Besides sports, Marijuana is definitely my favorite conversations!!!