California organic use cal-mag

Hey guys, just dropping in to let you all know I finally found a cal mag supplement approved by the CDFA for organic growing in California.

It’s been one of my personal draw backs for getting an organic cultivators certification in CA and I figured I’d drop a link here to help everyone else out trying to get certified organic in CA.

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Amazing what you can do with a few connections…Monsanto buys FF and its OMRI Listed and CDFA Registered for Organic Gardening…oh what money and connections can do

@Mrb53004 right? Most of the stuff listed on the CDFA you can’t even find.

All the stuff I know is organic and works amazing like all of the Earth Juice lines that I love I can’t use in CA if I want to get certified organic because they don’t want to pay out for the OMRI and CDFA.

It’s extortion is what it is. I understand the necessity for regulation especially with organic products used for consumption, but to put such a high price tag on it and make the companies pay to list their products as organic after already paying to have each batch tested for quality control is just outrageous.

I just shared because I’ve been looking forever to find CDFA or OMRI approved calmag.

I know exactly what you mean. My IT background finds the same issues with Software and Certificates. If you do not PAY UP to the big boys, the 800 lb Gorilla’s, you do not get to play in the playground THEY created. The solution I sent you…is 100% organic…I am working on more additives and when I think about what it will cost to legitimize it, it gets depressing…But when stuff works, it works…
o corner the market, you have to also make it so much harder for everyone else to play in it…then it’s yours by default. One fell swoop and Monsanto owns California…guaranteed income…
I am starting to put together my website, adding my products and hopefully the wisdom, insights and help from people like you. We want to help people…especially those in need…

@Mrb53004 I’m still testing that out for you. Just gotta get some gnats on one of my girls again. Those nematodes started working overtime now that it warmed up so I’m keeping a few of the plants I didn’t treat with nematodes wet.

So far it’s on par with liquid kelp as a foliar feed though as far as giving a quick small nitrogen boost and preventing mold. Didn’t do much for terps though, which is fine because you didn’t advertise it as such. It was just an additional thing I looked for.