Cal/Mag issue discovery

I noticed spots on some of my upper leaves but I’m doing everything correctly…temperature is 77, humidity is 50% organic nutes and watering is perfect, ph is at 6.0 lights are great so WTF!!! SO, I recently put in a water softener and I thought that’s the problem except stupid me I’m using spring water I purchased at Walmart. I discovered that using reverse osmosis spring water (which thats what it is) along with a ph of less than 6.2 will create a deficiency of Calcium. So there’s the problem. I will use a stronger cal/mag supplement and make sure my ph is at least 6.3 so the roots don’t block out calcium. Just thought I’d share that info for someone who cares.


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Lol I was riggity wrecked when I commented here… didn’t fully read… my b.


@Marijuana_dan thanks for sharing and you are correct in that if you use RO or distilled water you must add in Calcium/magnesium