Cal/mag and RO water

Hey all, ive got a question about ppm’s. My water has become an issue so i bought an RO system so im starting from scratch, before i would mix my nutes as per recommended by the suggested mixing chart by the company then would dilute it down to the proper ppm that i was aiming for, my question is, now that im using RO water do i do the same? From passed experience the initial ppm’s of the water was 180~200 before nutes so if i diluted the mix with water i was only diluting the actual nutes cause the water already had a good portion of the cal/mag needed but now if i dilute my mix to lets say 600 ppm’s with RO water won’t i end up with cal/mag deficiency?


@Frosty welcome to the forum. This all depends on the nutrient system you are using. Could you please give some more information so we can help?

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Welcome to the form we’ve got some really smart people fell jumping here soon and help you out have a great one

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Generally speaking you need to remineralize or buffer your RO water, but your nute lines may do that for you hence why we are asking what brand you use. And welcome to the forum @


Im using the complete remo nutrients line, i used advanced nutrients before but too many products where pulled from the market for false information on labeling.

@Frosty do you have the velokelp, magnifical, and natures candy or just the basic grow and astroflower?

@Frosty if you have the magnifical and velokelp those are the Remo calmag pretty much and the nature’s candy covers all the other micros so if you have those in your kit you don’t need cal mag or kelp.

If you don’t you will need to get calmag and some micro boosters to remineralize before you add your nutes for feedings.

Yes i have the complete nutes kits. Im about to put the seedlings into there need home(rdwc) and the chart doesn’t give any suggestions for early stage, and then also if i follow there mix chart for weeks 1 ~4 the ppm’s are way too high so this is where im wondering about the water i dilute the mix down with, do i using plain RO water or do i bring it up to normal specs with the magnifical that is a 3-0-0, by doing this i will increase the nitrogen. So for the noob questions first full hydro grow.

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@Frosty those charts start at the vegetative stage after the seeding stage. So germination stage takes roughly 10 days and they become a seedling once they have their first leaves above the cotyledons. Seedling stage is roughly 3/4 weeks total and turns to the vegetative stage once the plant has their first true fan leaf (5 fingers) then it goes into the vegetative stage.

If they are seedlings they need very little if any nutrients. Just light nitrogen and micros. I’d just foliar feed them and leave plain water in the res until they are ready for more nutrients then start at 1/4 strength veg nutes then work up as needed.

With your kit you don’t need to adjust the micros in your water because you have the calmag/kelp foliar feeding solutions. All I would add to the res before they are in veg is some of the grow formula if needed and the nature’s candy for other micros than what’s in the calmag and kelp.

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Ok so before fan leaves i should do calmag, velokelp and natures candy? If so at what strength? 1/4 1/2 full?

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@Frosty I’d do 1/4 strength for the calmag and velokelp for the foliar feeding and just a splash of the grow and natures candy in the res just to be safe. How far along are they in the seedling stage? Can you post a photo for me? It would help a lot to answer you appropriately.

They have a nice roots, 10-15 shoots out the bottom of the cube 2~3 inches long, and have the fisrt set of serrated leaves. The first set of fan leaves are just starting, they are visible but just starting to sprout. Ill try to get a photo,the camera on my phone is dead from the vibration on my bike​:man_facepalming:You guys rock glad i found this group​:metal::metal:

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Commenting so I can come back and learn.

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