Bush washing ? What you think?

Is there any science behind bud washing? Do the trichomes get damaged.
Seen this video

Then the second video

Even Jorge Cervantes does it specially when there a problem like bugs/mold
Seems like the trichomes are all sad after the wash but who knows. They say they are not water soluble.
But I would like to try it on my one plant, half of it regular and half bud washed as an experiment.
Let me know what you guys think?

I think it is an unnecessary move when organic nano micelles can wash a plant without affecting the THC.
This stuff will even hold water (hydroscopic) during times of heat stress, and reduce (lower) the freezing temp of dew on the plant. You ever heard of a colloidal micelles? It’s like a nano particle that can clean an oil on one end, but it’s connected to a water molecule on the other end (water miscible). They are nano-sized colloidal dispersion’s prepared from amphiphilic molecules, with a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. The hydrophobic core acts as a reservoir for hydrophobic drugs (or nutrients, enzymes) and the hydrophilic shell stabilizes the hydrophobic core. When It comes in contact with THC, it basically “scrubs” it, but leaves no residue, in fact, it removes residue. It will also kill spider mites, and prevent / cure any type of mildew / mold that hs NOT tunneled though the flower…nothing saves that

nice that sounds like its been lab tested and stuff. Is this the product you have that you where telling me about last thread?

yes…not lab tested…Not until I can afford to do that…tested in the HOME LAB and by my daughter, a Bio Med engineer at her work. I hope one day to commercialize it but just homegrown for now