Burping and curing

How long during the curing process do you continue to burp?


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Short answer is until most of the moisture from within is gone. The timeframe can be different from strain to strain, and from harvest to harvest.

It depends on a few things.
How big and dense are the buds?
They’ll be a longer burp time with heftier buds than with airier flower.

How much bud, and how packed are your jars? Burp time will be longer for fuller jars than for less full ones.

How do you like your cured product? Slightly moist or fairly dry.
When the wet grass smell gives way to the pungent aroma of properly cured bud, you can stop burping. You could be burping for a week, or 2-3 depending on the circumstances of your harvest


Buy Grove Bags. No burping necessary. Set it and forget it.


I use boveda packs and used to pop them in from the start. I now let the bud cure on its own after a 7-10 day dry. Not till stems are snapping but when the buds feel like they are dry. Touch your buds…it is ok. I burp them for 20-30 minutes and shake them vigorously before and after. I do this once a day for 2 weeks then add the boveda packs for balance. But this is only what I do and it works for me. I am currently starting my 18th grow in a year and a half and have between 50 and 60 auto flowers under my belt from various cultivars. Having a blast!


I always burp.my jars.every three days I do that until its cured others may have better way I just like to.keep check on my buds feel the moister in It.

These are fairly new and have heard good things about them…I recently learned of them from Mr. Grow it Podcast. But I will stick to my Mason Jars.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it is a bunch of fun! My first time at it and I’d say I faired pretty well. It was a Girl Scout Cookie clone and it was about 2-1/2 foot plant, small… as I had it contained but very bushy with lots of buds…. I got a quart and a pint of fairly large buds! It was easy but I think it’s because it was outside. Growing indoors looks much more complicated.

I’ve been burping every day for 30-40 min. Someone told me that it’s best to cure for 4 weeks, so I’m on my 3rd week. There’s still a bit of a grassy smell, which I’ve been told will eventually go away when it’s cured.

I’m in the NE so the humidity is down and the temp is too….

Actually growing indoors is much more simple because there aren’t as many variables to deal with because you can control your environment vs outside grows. Also props on the clone, I accidently broke a main off my first photoperiod and have since tried to clone it. It hasn’t died but it isn’t happy either. New experience all I do is grow autos

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