Bugs during flower stage

I’m day 2 in flowering. I been treating for bugs 2 weeks prior to switching to flower stage. I’ve been drenching with azamax foliar spray and neem oil. So I noticed tonight I had leaves with bite marks. Can I still treat for bugs?

first of all, are these OUTDOOR or INDOOR?
When you reach flower…keep insecticides (oil based) off / away from the flowers

Ok like I said it’s only been 3 days into flower since I spray with neem oil. Pistols are barely showing. So I’m just wondering do you think I’ll still have an affect on the flower when their harvested?

no, too early but you will have to address them in a different manner than the NEEm and similar products if you have not resolved them

They are indoor plants

What you think about Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap?

if this is indoor, you got some kind of chompers on your plants. Look carefully at the undersides of the leaves and scrape a little bit of the upper portion of the soil to look for larvae or other insect infestation. You should see something to have that kind of leaf damage
For now, back off the neem products and go with a simple basic soap.
Spray tops/ bottoms of leaves and top of soil. let it dry, repeat 3 times…lights off
If it continues, pvt message me and I will tell you about an alternative product

Ok thanks. One more thing I’m using foxfarm ocean forest soil. 3 plants in 2 gallon pots. I topped off plants with more soil because roots were exposed a little bit. I don’t know if bugs maybe were already in the soil or what but I don’t recall having bugs bites like that unless when checking for bugs maybe I missed that leaf. When I check for bugs it be kinda hard for me to tell other than bite marks. I will be using soap hopefully that fix my problem.

That leaf looks to me that its been ripped doesn’t look like bug’s been eating on it